Lauren Jones

Award: Ian Fleming Award

Year: 2020

Genre: Musical Theatre

Instrument/voice type: Soprano

Location: Arts Educational Schools London

My love of Musical Theatre began when I was 10 years old when I first appeared in 'The King and I' tour as a Royal Princess and later played Briggita in 'The Sound of Music' at Kilworth House Open Air Theatre.

Later, I joined a drama group at Curve theatre in Leicester, where I was the first girl to play Jack in Howard Goodall's 'The Dreaming' and I also played Helena in Nick Winston's 'A Midsummer's Nights Dream'.

After taking my A-Levels I auditioned for ArtsEd where I was accepted on the Musical Theatre BA (Hons) Degree course. Since being there, I have received wonderful training and some amazing opportunities provided by the school such as, performing at the Olivier Awards and 'To Gillie, with Love' a celebratory evening of Gillian Lynne's work.
I am extremely grateful to be awarded the Ian Fleming Musical Theatre Award. I am going into my final year of ArtsEd and it's going to be an incredibly tough year because of the new situation we have to adjust to. The challenges facing people in the musical theatre industry have increased immeasurably due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are all uncertain of our futures going forward. However, receiving the Ian Fleming Award supported by Help Musicians, will create stability for my final year of study. It will be an invaluable help towards my living costs which will enable me to remain in London and focus on my dream.