Lewis Fieldhouse

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Alternative

Location: North East

Website: lewisfieldhouse.com

Quitting London never seems like the move for a musician, but thats exactly what Lewis needed to do in August 2019 when his mother's health deteriorated. He dropped everything to care for her in her final months of life and, after she passed in October, hunkered down for a winter of grief and healing with friends and family, away from the London grind.

As spring arrived it seemed the time had come to go back to some form of normality. Instead the pandemic swept across the world and like so many others, his plans collapsed.

The moment lockdown was announced Lewis set up his recording gear and set to work on an album. Built on some 15 years of his mothers illness, the pain of her death, and learning to hold the hand of grief, this is a deft and razor sharp lyricist at the on the raw edge of honesty, with only one truth to tell. In 'The Great Beyond, The Long Without' Lewis invites you to hold his hand in grief.