Linda Jankowska

Award: Transmission Fund

Year: 2019

Genre: Alternative

Instrument/voice type: Violin

Location: Yorkshire


Linda Jankowska is a violinist, new music performer, concert producer, researcher and violin teacher. Her artistic interests orbit around long-term collaborations and a multifaceted performance practice that stretches her limitations. She is the executive director of Distractfold Ensemble. Linda is pursuing a PhD at the University of Huddersfield and teaches at Chetham's School of Music and Leeds College of Music.
Linda performed at festivals such as KLANG (Copenhagen), rainy days (Luxembourg), Kalv Festival (Sweden), International Summer Courses Darmstadt, Le Bruit de la Musique (France), Nordic Music Days, Bludenzer Tage Zeitgemäßer Musik and at Kammer Klang (London) and Outer Ear (ESS Chicago) concert series.
Together with members of Distractfold Ensemble she held residences at Harvard and Stanford Universities.
Linda was a co-curator and producer of 2017 Cut&Splice Festival in Manchester.