Award: MOBO Help Musicians Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Jazz

Instrument/voice type: Singer-songwriter

Location: London

Website: instagram.com/loucinmoskofian

Loucin is a London based British Armenian vocalist and songwriter with her influences rooted in jazz, neo-soul and RnB.

As part of several projects including lead vocalist for Tomorrow’s Warriors Female Frontline and backing vocalist for Poppy Adjuda, Loucin has performed at festivals and venues across the world such as Love Supreme, London Jazz Festival and the Barbican.

Taken aback by the crowd’s hushed reaction at her first public performance at the age of 14, Loucin realised her voice could command an audience’s attention. Her original project has been a way for her to connect with her audiences and reflect on issues like marginalisation, identity and oppression.

The support I have received from Help Musicians Fund means that I will be able to produce and release my first EP. I will be able to create and collaborate with producers to establish my sound which is really exciting. It will also mean that I can couple the sonic vision with a visual representation of my music. I am really excited to also take part in the business advice sessions. I would really appreciate the guidance for short and long term artist and business development.