Madi Saskia

Award: Future Bubblers Bursary

Year: 2020

Genre: Electronic

Location: West Midlands

Madi Saskia is a “young person with an old soul”. Through her music she inspires and influences those around her with imaginative material. She is one woman who pioneers modern soul, taking her music to venues around the UK and blowing her audiences away with her powerhouse vocals.
Madi’s unique style can be described as socially conscious with an R’n’B twang and floetryesque tone. She is a critical thinker who uses real life experiences to enhance her creativity and inspire her writing.
Madi has a genuine love for music and all things creative. She is eager to learn and grow in her artistry, so the next few years are a et to be ground-breaking for her. New age soul, get ready!
I have been doing music for 7 years, and, due to health and financial struggles, I haven’t been able to pursue it as much as I want to. The Help Musicians X Future Bubblers bursary has really helped me a lot, because it means I can start the process of releasing my debut solo EP. The bursary will be used to partially fund the project, through studio time, buying equipment and marketing advice. Help Musicians have also offered me advice/someone to talk to, in regards to my mental health and well-being, and I’m incredibly grateful for their support.