Award: MOBO Help Musicians Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Hip-hop/rap

Instrument/voice type: Voice

Location: London

Madz success in music has been probable since his start at an early age. The South East London resident is no stranger to the industry after having been creating and curating for years, but this time around, his music has started to see a shift in receptiveness from its audience. Having been featured by the likes of MOBO as ‘One to watch for 2017’.

‘I’ve always loved music and it’s always been a part of me, and you can hear that in the music I make... Being able to creatively translate how I feel through rap, in a way that other people can enjoy and relate to is amazing’.

His charismatic nature is reflected in his music too. With lyrics reflective of personal experiences in past relationships, the stories told and emotions expressed in Madz music are familiar to situations we’ve all experienced. His emotional articulacy in his lyricism complements his choice of handpicked, amorous instrumentals. Simultaneously, his discography is a journey that expresses love, lust, heartbreak and longing. A range of emotions we've all once felt or will feel at some point in our lifetime.

Songs like ‘Love U better’ and ‘Hold me down’ show Madz’s appreciation for unapologetic masculine expression through music. His music evokes emotion in a way that resonates with everyone, regardless of gender. While his music exudes an alternative R&B energy, his rap background prevails in every song through his flow and means of deliverance which leads its listeners to wonder what genre it falls into.
Help Musicians have allowed me to do what I do best a lot more freely and get the best quality I can out of my upcoming project. Through this fund I will have a great music video for one of my upcoming single. It's a blessing and I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity.