Award: Transmission Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: World

Instrument/voice type: MC

Location: Wales

With his iconic vocal tone, unique and distinctive unlike anything else you’ve heard before. He’s a native Nigerian raised in the U.K making waves in the underground scene worldwide and has worked with the likes of DMC wold championship Dj shitfee from Newyork Doctor Jeep, stagga, tony Quattro, PEDRO, famous Eno etc with support from Dj’s like Giles Peterson (BBC Radio 6, Worldwide FM) Skrillex who plays his music and wanted to sign one of his songs, Born Dirty, NiNa Las Vegas (one of the biggest DJ’s in Australia), BBC’s Radio 1 Todla T.

His global sound has been filling up the dance floors from Europe to Africa to Asia to America and his style ranges from Dancehall, Hip Hop, Dub, Grime, Bass, Drum and Bass, Tribal, Funky etc. He’s released 5 Ep’s, 1 Album and over 20 singles in the last 3-4 years performing all over the UK , France, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia etc...

Currently signed a publishing deal with Waxploitation based in L.A & London who have worked with the like of Grammy award winners Gnarls Barkley, Danger mouse and Grammy award nominee producers Don electron from Mexico, Wotsu from Venezuela (Who made the soundtrack for the current Pepsi advert). His energetic and lively attitude has won him praises as a top performer during his live shows with his commanding presence and dance moves.
Outspoken and ambitious Magugu is aiming to take over the planet with his pidgin rap style.

Help Musicians has helped me by giving me the opportunity to attend an online mixing and mastering course which will give me the skills to record mix and master my own vocals so I can record my forth coming Ep .