Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2019

Genre: Experimental/Alternative

Location: London


Malthus (Formerly known as Lindblad) is the stage name of Samuel Jacob Lindblad - a London-based musician, composer, producer and director from West Lancashire. 

A classical pianist by training, his self-produced work offers a contemporary take on soul - blending aching, operatic vocals with brooding jazz and organic dance music. 

Though yet to release a solo record, Malthus has composed fashion film scores for Wonderland, Hunger, and The Ragged Priest, and has opened for artist and composer RHYE. He was the cover of French newspaper Le Monde’s Le Magazine Du Monde for April 2019, and has been featured in collaborative projects with JW Anderson, Palomo, and Gucci. His visual and written work has been featured in Coeval, Vogue, Intern, Cluny MCR, Klatblut, and his own publication, Raw Forms Magazine.