Award: Transmission Fund

Year: 2019

Genre: Grime

Instrument/voice type: MC

Location: West Midlands

Crafted by himself, Mayday hails from Birmingham. Taking inspiration from garage mixes his mother use to play in his early years and infusing them with a love of international music on a wider scale, the 0121 native is set to bring his playful storytelling music to the world.
The self-proclaimed ‘Kingstanding Captain’ is one of the most exciting prospects from the West Midlands to emerge in recent times. Mayday is slowly carving out his own lane in the grime scene, one that is inspired by many but not easily imitated.
With 2018 seeing the release of the ‘RAINWORLDKING’ EP and followed up by fan favourite ‘Like Juve’, then ‘36000ft’ to end the year, this was Mayday’s greatest year to date. Dubbing 2019 as ‘The Year of More’ can only lead one to imagine what he will produce and at what scale that will be.