Miles Horn

Award: Transmission Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Pop

Instrument/voice type: Bass

Location: London


Miles Horn is a soulful singer-songwriter and independent artist from South London.

He first started taking his music seriously in 2017, a year which saw him self-release 4 singles, working with some of the best names in the business at Metropolis Studios and Abbey Road. He sold out his debut full-band show at Servant Jazz Quarters that year, completely independently without a promoter. He also gathered much support from the industry, notably with BBC Introducing Oxford, who played each of his singles and invited him in for an interview.

The next year Miles put energy into different musical projects, all the while learning from sessions with top writers and producers. An extended trip to Nashville and Atlanta in 2019 helped develop Miles’s songwriting skills and connected him to co-writers and artists alike.

Miles released the critically acclaimed single ‘Too Much’ in 2019, a track that labelled him ‘a brooding Lewis Capaldi’. Building on previous blog coverage, one of his subsequent tracks ‘Floating in Space’ attracted regional radio plays and playlisting on Spotify. Sofar Sounds have been large supporters of Miles on his journey, and they also playlisted his track on their Spotify playlist. Additionally Miles has seen his music played in-store nationwide through Caffe Nero, as well as a monthly residency at their flagship London store.

A keen music industry enthusiast, having spent time previously working in the industry, Miles has been seen at BBC Introducing Live, AMP conferences as well as MMF, FAC and PPL meetings. He is extremely grateful for Help Musicians UK for empowering independent artists and helping them take the next steps in their careers.

With support from the Transmission Fund, Miles will be taking a 12 week online Music Production course by Berklee College Of Music. The course acts as a springboard for the novice producer/songwriter to jump into the world of producing, recording, and mixing songs to a professional level.

Additionally, Miles will be using the funding to benefit from some 1-1 online mentoring sessions with music industry professionals.