Award: Future Bubblers Bursary

Year: 2017

Genre: Hip Hop

Location: West Midlands

Website: soundcloud.com/iammissy

I am Missy, a Nottingham raised Hip Hop DJ and beat maker who has taken the majority of my time enduring myself within the Hip Hop culture since an early age. I aspire to re-create real head banging beats for the likes of not only rappers but for those with an interest for sweet sounding beats alone. Hip Hop captured me from a young age due to my love for lyricism and how ones forward-thinking voice could be so cleverly heard through the use of music. With remaining dedicated to the principles that make underground hip hop one of the most exciting forms of musical expression on the planet, I remain to be part of the old school yet still growing musical scene.

I like to go by the term beat maker as I feel as though that is the root of what I do. The beats I strive to create are often to showcase and represent the native music that has flowered from cultures all over the world. I wish to incorporate them into a hip hop style and in turn help keep the roots of music and culture thriving using the genre I am passionate about. Usually my go to production method would be with the use of a midi key board or mpc, in which i might find myself stringing together a Chinese guzheng, African armpit drum and Mexican guitarrón. When it comes the beat and bass line, I often keep things punchy and ominous and am in love with the idea of playing out beats live to an audience as no-one, even yourself, knows what's going to go down. When I'm not making beats, I perform sets using tracks created by global up and coming artists who are in a similar position as me, in the hope that the world can be open to the underrated, undiscovered and underground artists who are spiralling out of our new generation.