New Pagans

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2019

Genre: Alternative Rock

Location: Northern Ireland


New Pagans create music that is vivid and engaged. The songs have massive riffs and rare dynamics. The lyrics are ready to start conversations and challenge the given ideas. Every release is a throwdown, a provocation, an education. 

The band is based in Belfast but the band members are drawn from across the north. Lyndsey comes from Enniskillen and is mid-way through a PhD course at Ulster University. Cahir, was raised in Derry and has a blazing history with acts like Fighting With Wire, Jetplane Landing and Frank Turner. Drummer Conor McAuley is from Belfast and has served with Balkan Alien Sound. Bassist Claire has been active with Girls Names and Cruising while Allan ran with Rupture Dogs. 

The band name remembers that the Latin term paganus originally meant villager or outsider. This fits with their mission to stay removed from the city rules and the orthodox. Lyndsey was raised in a climate of religious observance, so her encounters with popular music were furtive and occasional. “It really only started when I was 18,” she says. “I’d heard of Fleetwood Mac but I’d not heard them. As a result, I have a unique way of hearing things.”

New Pagans played their first live show in April 2017. It was outstanding and subsequent nights have carried a unique charge. The band schedules are designed to fit around parenthood and other duties and Lyndsey believes that this is also a mark of achievement. 

“It has turned into a way of showing other girls and other women that they can do this, no matter what their circumstances are. If you’ve got two kids and you’re married, it’s OK. If you’re 35, it’s fine. We’re not trying to be a young band. We are what we are - with all that experience.”