Noga Ritter

Award: Develop Your Skills (Transmission)

Year: 2018

Genre: Jazz

Instrument/voice type: Voice

Location: London


Originally from Israel, but living in Europe since 2009, Noga Ritter is an accomplished singer-songwriter, bandleader and experienced workshop facilitator. Noga has earned a BA in Contemporary Music from LCCM, as well as a MA in Music Leadership at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
Noga sings in Hebrew and English as well as Wolof, Arabic, Zulu and other languages. Her sincere and forceful lyrics depict a vast range of subjects ranging from personal experiences to political messages.

Noga has been both a collaborator within and leader of a wide range of projects featuring musical styles as diverse as world music, jazz, folk, gospel and contemporary music. Noga performs regularly with the Mike King Collective as well as with her band VOCAL GLOBAL and with The Grand Union Orchestra. She also worked with Abdoulaye Samb and Minnjiaraby, Jyotsna Srikanth, Sahad & The Natal Patchwork, Sura Susso, Mulele Matondo Afrika, Randolph Matthews and many more.

Alongside performing Noga shares her passion for music through education. She teaches singing both privately and in schools, leads choirs and facilitates workshops in various community settings, including working with people with learning disabilities, homeless people and refugees.

Noga works regularly for the organisations Live Music Now and CREATE, performing and leading workshops at SEN schools, hospitals and care homes for the elderly. Noga is one of the facilitators at Music Action International (former Musicians Without Borders) facilitating songwriting workshops for children and refugees.

Noga enjoys travelling the world with her music, learning from other cultures and creating exciting cultural collaborations. She recently spent a number of months in Senegal and the Gambia where she worked with Sadio Cissokho, Alibeta, Sahad & The Natal Patchwork and Annas (Nixxma Music). In Argentina she worked with La Sonora and Cuarteto Tangor and in Palestine she worked with Nizar Qabbany.