Novar FLIP

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Hip-hop/rap

Instrument/voice type: Rapper

Location: West Midlands


Novar FLIP was first known as part of The Mud Family. Through the live circuit and classic underground releases, they became one of the most revered UK hip hop groups of all time. As a solo artist Novar has won awards and collaborated with Dappy, Charlie Sloth, and many more. Through his media work, Novar has also become a voice in hip hop and London culture. He took part in founding youth vote initiative Rize Up UK, and has featured regularly on BBC, RT News, and other platforms to discuss music, politics, and social issues.
Help Musicians is supporting me to bring my music and social activism together. My Social Justice Warrior project is a musical catalyst to spark conversation and thought around social justice and equality.