Oh Papa

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2021

Genre: Alternative

Location: Yorkshire

Website: facebook.com/ohpapaband

Oh Papa's music has been compared to a Wes Anderson film on more than one occasion. Their blend of americana, soft rock and subtle surf has also drawn comparisons with Harry Nilsson, Jonathan Richman, Andy Shauf, and the sound of '70s Laurel Canyon.

The band have consistently been self-releasing music since late 2018, garnering support from various stations and achieving dozens of plays across the BBC by Huw Stephens, Tom Robinson and Gemma Bradley. Single Magnetic, a collaboration with duo Before Breakfast, has worked up over 300k streams on Spotify, and Oh Papa are currently enjoying almost 18k monthly listeners there.

Oh Papa have supported Shonen Knife, Boy Azooga and Still Corners, as well as Billie Marten, who hand-picked the band for her album launch exhibition and tour dates for Feeding Seahorses by Hand. They are striving to change the perception of what it sounds like to be a band from Yorkshire, whilst actively trying to dispel the image of the toxic masculinity still prevalent in indie-rock.
We have asked for support from Help Musicians to go towards diversifying our project. We have recorded the rhythm tracks to a new EP, and will be using DID funding to pay for a variety of female-identifying performers to contribute their talents to the songs, as well as a fresh photo shoot and a video for one song, all shot by female professionals.