Olcay Bayir

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: World

Instrument/voice type: Soprano

Location: London

Website: olcaybayir.com

Recipient of 2020 Art Council funding award and 2017 Women Make Music funding award from Performing Rights Society for Music Foundation UK, Olcay is an exciting, boundary-crossing, UK-based singer-songwriter, of Kurdish origin from Turkey, with a first-class band who deliver dynamic arrangements with roots in Anatolia, Balkans and the Middle East mixed with cosmopolitan London attitude.

I have several unreleased songs. I want to work with 3 different producers to try different approaches and gain different experience. I am setting up home recording facilities and have bought a microphone, soundcard and desk.

One of my producers Christian Prior will give me a Zoom tutorial about how to use Garage Band programme to record. I will take time to learn and experiment with sel-recording technology.

Song One. Guitar and keyboard were recorded and paid for by me some time ago but more instruments need to be added and the song need to be produced. Realworld artist Bernard O’Neill (Dub Colossus, Syriana) will produce this track remotely. I recently recorded with him in France for his own project so we have started a working relationship. He has good experience in contemporary middle-eastern music. This will start in May. Bernard O’Neill https://bozas.com/composers/bernard-oneill/

I will re-record vocals at home. Bernard will finish the musical arrangements and overall mix through June. I will be involved in this online. I aim to have the audio finished by the end of June.

A student of animation I know called Alex Medeiros will make an animated video for the track. This will be my first video animation. It will avoid the need to get anyone together whilst being a key promotional tool. I expect the animation to be finished in August. Alex has offered to do it for a fee of £300 as she is a student. The low fee gives me less control over outcome but for me it is part of the learning to collaborate together.

I will release the audio at the beginning of July and follow up with video release at the beginning of September.

The track will be exclusively available through Bandcamp.