Award: MOBO Help Musicians Fund

Year: 2018

Genre: R&B/Soul

Location: London


Omahrose is the culmination of generations of global journeying. From Calcutta to The Netherlands to Spain, she found herself raised in West London. The child of musical parents, Omahrose instinctively sang, writing as a means of living. She creates a soulful music that is full of contrast, tension and story. She writes personal narratives of isolation, fragility and inner strength.

Her name is a mix of om ah hum, the Buddhist chant to purify the mind, speech and body, and the black rose, an image of morbidity and rebirth. This contrast between dark and light is found in her records, a blend of soul-inflected rawness with incisive lyrics. Each track tells its own story, whether it’s the potential ugliness of family relationships, broken trust or infidelity, or a character-driven thriller. Her songs will place you on the journey in which they are written, pulling emotions through the thick feelings of tenderness, hope, anger, and reconciliation.

Omahrose is a singer, writer and listener. She is influenced by soul legends like Stevie Wonder, neo-soul and hip-hop innovators like D’Angelo, Hiatus Kaiyote and Kendrick Lamar, and songwriters like Frank Ocean and George Harrison. 

Her first EP releases, Edge Parts 1 and 2, center around loss and betrayal, working through the music as a means of exploring ways of coping. Tracks meander through pain, euphoria,
anger and, ultimately, the strength of self-expression. It is a stasis following rejection, being unable to break out of solitude even while the world moves around you, finding isolation while surrounded by others – a phenomenon we can all relate to.