Paddy Austin

Award: Fusion Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Alternative

Instrument/voice type: Songwriter

Location: London


I am a musician and songwriter based in the UK working on music combined with multimedia performance. With a background in live underground band performances, as well as a career designing immersive audio visual installations, I founded and run the art proto-punk band Snapped Ankles.
I have also been running/organising performance event nights in the collective called London Topophobia ( which host a variety of artists presenting new multimedia performance pieces in independent venues and warehouse spaces and where the concepts behind the Snapped Ankles live shows were incubated. I have also organised and presented workshops in Liverpool, Leicester, Supersonic Festival (Birmingham), and Supernormal Festival exploring their use of DIY synths with a diverse range of participants. With SA we toured arts venues in the UK presenting a collaboration with performance/Live artist Daniel Oliver in 2015 for his ‘Weird Seance’ show.

Snapped Ankles have been gaining recognition and growing audiences with a potent live show in the UK and abroad over the last 3 years on the back of 2 successful albums,”Come Play the Trees” and “Stunning Luxury” and 2 EP’s released on the Leeds based The Leaf Label. The performances blend the concepts derived from DIY art performances with post punk electronica with shows that include multiple screen projections and musicians surrounding the audience to create immersive experiences.
The group have a significant amount of exposure on BBC 6MUSIC playing live sessions regularly for Marc Riley, having had 2 singles on the A-list and regular plays by Lauren Laverne and Amy Lamé, Iggy Pop and Tom Ravenscroft.
The Fusion Fund will support a collaboration with filmmaker Daisy Dickinson. We will create a series of films of individual musicians performing out in the woods on the Snapped Ankles own ‘Log Synthesizers’ and edited in combination with Daisy’s own ambient organic visuals of nature which when projection mapped around a space and played in unison create a digital ‘forest’ chorus of songs and films that can be experienced as an immersive audio visual event rather than a typical concert.