Robyn Steward

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2018

Genre: Jazz

Instrument/voice type: Trumpet

Location: London


Robyn Steward is 32 she has 10 disabilities including autism.
Robyn grew up in suffolk , she started playing the cornet ( small trumpet) age 8 , many other instruments required full use of two hands which robyn does not have because she has cerebral palsy , so the cornet and then later the trumpet was good fit. Robyn struggled with reading and gave up for many years , until she was inspired by Morley college former tutor Tony Douglas MBE and started to learn by ear, 2 years later Robyn met Andy Diagram ( james, david thomas and the 2 pales boys , peru ubu , spaceheads) and saw how you could put a trumpet through guitar effect pedals and this could allow you to play more then one note at a time, Robyn quickly attracted support fromHeart N Soul ( who believe in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities. 2017 goal was to do a gig a month 2018 release music once a month and now in 2019 supported by help musicians uk robyn will put on 3 exciting nights at cafe OTO ( called Robyn's rockets) , the nights will feature 3 artists improvising and will be inclusive for performers and audience with and without learning disabilities, the night will also feature beautiful projects by Rucksack cinema. a london venue that puts on experimental music 7 nights a week and attracts big international artists like Wadada leo smith , sun ra akestra and many others.
Robyn is also a visual artist and a author robyn has written 2 books " the independent woman;'s handbook for super safe living on the autistic spectrum " and due out in 2019 The autism friendly guide to periods ( both published by Jessica Kingsley publishers) Robyn is also a member of the core team who have been awarded the wellcome hub award (2018-2020) . Robyn is honorary research associate at UCL.
in 2018 Robyn spoke at SXSW and played at scala ( to name a few highlights) 2019 looks to be a exciting year , take a seat on Robyn's rocket for space adventures.