Ros Hawley

Award: Music-led creative collaboration (Fusion)

Year: 2019

Genre: Other/Various

Location: North East


Described by The Guardian as ‘One of the UK’s leading Klezmer clarinettists, Ros’ career is an individually crafted pathway of music making and performance in conventional and unconventional contexts. After studying classically at The Royal Northern College of Music, Ros developed a passion for Klezmer music, independently funding trips around the world to study with top players in the field. This journey resulted in being invited to introduce the classical clarinettist Emma Johnson to Klezmer in 2009, documented in Simon Broughton’s Guardian article – For Weddings and a Funeral From this early profile Ros studied a performance as research Master’s degree at Soas, gaining distinction for her research of the Meron tradition, a male-exclusive genre of clarinet playing. She was appointed Director of Klezfest 2017 by the Jewish Music Institute where she devised the programme for an international faculty of teachers and performers.
Ros is a passionate collaborator and explorer of music making, enjoying playing in front of an audience of 2000 at the Green Man Festival as much as interacting with a child at their hospital bedside. Ros’s interest in music and health work has taken priority in recent years, and she is currently writing about her artistic practice in hospital for a PHD. This research has resulted in several publications (2013, 2018, 2019) which trailblaze the pathway for musicians working in health. She has appeared at national and international music conferences, and described today as “The musician who disrupts the hierarchy of the hospital ” (Theresa Allison, University of California San Francisco).