Ruby Colley

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Alternative

Instrument/voice type: Violin

Location: South East


Ruby is a violinist and composer. She creates instrumental soundscapes that are beyond the realm of traditional playing, with the complex web of sound more akin to an electric orchestra. She draws upon many different styles such as Folk, Jazz and Classical. Ruby’s music is eclectic but strangely unique and her performances charged with emotional power and nuance. She has written for Film, and collaborated with Theatre and Dance, and played with acts such as Owen Pallette, Sinead O’Connor, The Unthanks, Hawk and a Hacksaw, Zoe Keating and the late John Martyn. She was artists in residence for the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Belfast, (2008) and also performed the Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury (2011) with the esteemed Isobel Anderson. Her most recent film collaboration with Dance United has been accepted into the Fastnet Film Festival and Encounters Film Festival.

Her own work has always been inspired by nature and the natural rhythms/paterns found within it. Ruby’s debut album Murmurations, released in February 2010, presents a selection of pieces inspired by nature and natural forms. Her interests have developed into building a relationship between the audible world around us and our own creative practice.

Ruby is also a Yoga teacher. Between 2016-2019, she was involved in co-creating a Yoga Teacher Training program on Yoga Musicology with Flow Studio Belfast. It focuses on The Energetic Interplay between Music, Voice, Vibration and Yoga.

In January 2020, Ruby was awarded funding from Arts Council England to Develop her Creative Practice. This has been underway and being developed at present. Due to COVID, the DYCP project has been extended and adapted as a result of managing time as a mother with two small children, and the wider industry changing rapidly.

She has performed some of the new work generated in September 2020 for Barefoot Operas Artist Sessions.  The project will continue to showcase new work in a series of concerts, both online and socially distanced events in 2021. Ruby is now the recipient of the Help Musicians Do It Differently fund. This will go towards releasing an album from the work generated over the past year. Due for release in December 2021.
Help Musicians are supported me to record an album. It’ll be my first album in ten years and will be the material generated over the past eight months. I intend to record, mix and produce the album myself. This considers the current landscape of COVID, as well as developing material and skills that generate sustainable work in the future, as well as providing work for the musical commuinty I'm in.