Award: MOBO Help Musicians Fund

Year: 2017

Genre: Hip-hop/rap

Instrument/voice type: Rapper/Producer

Location: London


I am Signkid, a London-based artist. I am a produce, write, and perform to signsongs. I translate BSL (British Sign Language) to the lyrics. My love for music started around the age of 11 in the 90s. And I started to make music when I was 19 years old. In 2014, Deafrave invited me to perform as a singsong artist for the first time at National Paralympic Day & Liberty Festival based in Queen Elizabeth Stadium which sparked a drive for a career in music. I have continued to perform solo and with Deafrave and have expanded my audience around London performing at festivals, intimate events and have created online presence.

I have featured on BBC news and received coverage in UK wide blogs such as the blog ‘Hearing like Me’, ‘Limping Chicken’.
I have played shows such as Fabric, Lewisham’s People Day, Cutty Shark, Liberty and have been asked to play multiple shows across the London. I was recently nominated for a ‘Best Artistic Short Film’ award at Wolverhampton Deaffest. I was very lucky to meet and work at interview with Akala, a UK Hip Hop Artist about William Shakespeare.