Steg G

Award: Transmission Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Hip Hop

Instrument/voice type: Producer

Location: Scotland


Hi Im Steg G, I'm a Hip Hop music producer from Glasgow Scotland
A few months ago I won Best Hip Hop 2019 at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, which I'm extremely proud of, I' work hard on my music so its great to get some industry recognition, and it also motivates and inspires me to take my career to the next level.
For the last few years I have been producing music for lots of artists such as Loki, Freestyle Master, Empress, CCTV, Stanley Odd, and many more, helping them shine and showcasing their talent, all the while I'm also honing and crafting my own skills.
This year I self released my own album - The Air In Between. The album is a concept / story that I wrote and produced around the themes of migration and homelessness.
Its a potent mix of the finest state of the art Hip Hop production techniques with compelling story telling and dexterous rhyming ability courtesy of some of Scotland’s best rappers. Rome canI wanted to make an album that everone can enjoy and get something out of, not just Hip Hop heads, and I think I achieved it with this.
Im old (school!) and my first involvement with Scottish hip-hop culture began in the early to mid '90s, and I'm still involved all these years later. I have my own label called Powercut Productions, a hip hop label based in Glasgow.
Not only have I worked with established UK and Scottish artists I have also produced tracks for American artists such as: Royce da 5’9, Craig G, Tekwun, Gridlock Fam, Eastern Philosophy and more.
I have a monthly Hip Hop night in Glasgow called Butter where we showcase the best Scottish Hip Hop talent and have the best open mic sessions in the country, I perform my own music at this and elsewhere in the uk regularly and I have performed alongside many international artists including Eminem, Cypress Hill,
I also teach Hip Hop skills and music production to young people and adults for arts and community organisations: The Soundlab, Music+, New Rhythms For Glasgow
With the support from the Help Musician's Transmission fund I am able to travel to Berlin and attend Ableton's The Loop 2020 event. The Loop 2020 is a series of seminars and workshops aimed at improving the skills of Electronic music producers and creators, and provide networking opportunities for peer support and learning.