Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2018

Genre: Alternative

Location: London


“Like most of the great modern music, Austrian Vinzenz Stergin’s compositions defy genre brackets, combining elements of electronics, blues, classical and rock music. Stergin’s live set was easily the most fun performance of MENT 2017.” - God Is In The TV Blog

Stergin is a multi-instrumentalist, performer, songwriter, composer, producer and actor. 

For the award-winning, published musician, the act of creating and making music is its own reward. Growing up in the Austrian mountains, he studied classical clarinet, worked for human rights organisations in Los Angeles and Amsterdam, started a rock band and sang in choirs, before doing a Masters in composition in London, where he still resides today. 

Past projects include his solo ‘Monday Evening Bathroom Sessions’ – films of him performing in his bathroom, covering the #12 of the US billboard charts for 12 weeks or making up fun, inventive songs based on newspaper articles that have appeared the same day. He is constantly exploring and isn’t afraid to experiment with different art forms. “I’m a work in progress and I love it,” says Vinzenz.

His debute EP ‘Caramel Tony In Her Pleasuredome’, featuring drummer Adam Betts, has been released on NAIM records in 2017. “This is a record that you just couldn’t have heard five years ago. It’s completely in the now, in the moment trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible & what can be done.“
-Tom Robinson BBC6 Music 

His current project is called ’12 Photos 12 Tracks – The Global Journey Of A Camera Turned Into Music’. A camera has been sent on a journey to 12 different people in 12 different countries across the planet. Each person has the opportunity to take one photo of a place that's special to them, send it back to Stergin and forward the camera to the next person. The camera crosses all 5 continents and in total will have travelled 61800 km. These photos and the camera’s journey will inspire a new album that will be toured alongside an exhibition of the photos.