Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Hip-hop/rap

Instrument/voice type: MC

Location: West Midlands

Website: facebook.com/t8pes

"There are certain people who have inspired and influenced me as an artist and Jimmy Davis (T8PES) is one of them. A great songwriter, lyricist and performer who writes deeply personal songs and confronts important issues through his music" - Ed Sheeran

Emerging from the dust-filled, DOLBY stereo enhanced Hi-Fi's of Birmingham's concrete encased inner-city comes T8PES. With his distinct brand of audio marmite and geezer style delivery, the producer/emcee aims to induce eargasms in all listeners regardless of gender, age or religious belief.
In an age of over saturated emcees and rappers, T8PES (pronounced tapes) is trying to do what everyone else isn't; something different.

"T8PES ... who as you can hear is very, very good" (Tom Robinson - 6 Music)

Jimmy Davis is Birmingham’s journeyman artist and driving force behind Alternative Electronic Hip Hop project T8PES. Launching 2 years ago, T8PES was named as a BBC WM Sound of 2019 artist and has garnered regular support from Tom Robinson (BBC 6 music) for single releases across the last 18 months

" .. a brilliant outpouring of nostalgia packaged perfectly" (Stereo Stickman)

Regularly referred to as a local legend by the city's music community, Jimmy has a rich musical CV that includes being a 3 time performer at Glastonbury festival, sets at Secret Garden Party, Barn on the Farm, Shambala and iTunes festivals, as well as extensive tours across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

"I think it's important to note this may be one of the most well produced debut albums I've heard in a long time too." (Abi Whistance - Birmingham Review

"Clubland, Rave culture, Garage and Grime all get represented in this melting pot of styles, meaning each track feels different from the last." (Leigh Sanders - Express & Star)

Jimmy has been working completely independently since 2007 and has self released and promoted all of his own work which has included 2 albums working under the name Jimmy Davis, along with his 2019 debut T8PES album. In that time he has gained notable fans - Nizlopi, Damien Dempsey, Immortal Technique and Blak Twang.

Ed met Jimmy aged 14 whilst carrying out his work experience on tour with musical heroes Nizlopi. Jimmy was main tour support for the duo and subsequently Ed became a big fan of his music, The old friends stay in regular contact and Jimmy can be seen hanging out backstage at Ed's huge stadium shows on regular occasions.

T8PES is that legendary 90's rave cassette that hardly left the tape deck and got more rewinds than a D Double E set at Boiler Room. T8PES is the raver who let you sniff his poppers, the teenager who pushed a flyer in your hand, the football fan who would have fought you years before but hugged you on the dancefloor instead. T8PES is that clubber who turned the taps on in the toilets after the club owner turned them off. T8PES is the pill romance that wrecked the relationship you were in. T8PES is you, T8PES is me, T8PES was there when you didn't even realise you were.
Help Musicians have provided funding that will help with the production, recording, release and promotion of a collaborative album project. The project will feature numerous Birmingham based artists and producers and will be recorded, mixed and mastered at a local studio. The artwork will be produced by a local artist and visual assets by photographers & videographers based in Birmingham.