Award: Fusion Fund

Year: 2020

Genre: Electronic

Instrument/voice type: Digital Audio Workstation

Location: Scotland

Website: taahliah.work

TAAHLIAH is a performance artist, music producer and DJ from Glasgow, Scotland. Her musical productions, both brutal and pop, express a societal ideal of fluidity in line with different debates she animates across her city’s cultural sector. The aim is to discuss the invisibility of minorities and the various incidents provoked by the binary model. TAAHLIAH’s work reveals the liberating potential within the exaggeratedly efficient and expansive genre of electronic music, in which the glossy packaging serves to politicise the subject matter.
The Fusion Fund will support THE ULTIMATE ANGELS, an audio-visual, durational performance work which explores sub-genres of queer identity, the black femme experience and neo-transgender narratives. Conceived by artist and producer TAAHLIAH, the cross-disciplinary work spans music production, sound and embodied performance art and incorporates collaborative elements from invited artists. It will be presented at Transmission Gallery in early 2021.