The Radicant

Award: Recording And Releasing Music (Do it Differently)

Year: 2020

Genre: Alternative

Instrument/voice type: Composer

Location: London


The Radicant: A botanical term, first registered in the mid 18th century, to define a plant whose roots are not set but constantly in motion.

The Radicant is the umbrella alias of multi-instrumentalist/singer & producer Vincent Cavanagh’s creative output, encompassing a transdisciplinary exploration of music, sound art, visual media and technology.

Until mid 2020, he was a founding member, lead vocalist, composer and producer of a renowned UK band (Anathema) that released 11 studio albums & 22 singles/EPs and toured extensively around the world.

He has collaborated and co-written with musicians and bands across many genres including: worriedaboutsatan (Electronica, UK), Crippled Black Phoenix (Post Rock, UK), Cronin (Indie, IE), NoSound (Alternative, IT), Blackfield (Pop Rock, IL/UK), Long Distance Calling (Post Rock, DE), Petter Carlsen (Singer/Songwriter, NOR).

Since 2017, he has been heavily involved in visual art collaborations. Commissioned by contemporary artists Sarah Derat & Rachel McRae he composed the soundtrack of the Augmented Reality artwork/app Digital&Dead, which was exhibited in the UK, Belgium, Italy and USA at NADA Miami (special commission). The soundtrack was also performed live at South London Gallery in 2018.

Also in collaboration with visual artist Sarah Derat, he took part in the composition and production of sound art/sculpture installations ‘Gymnopaedia Exercise No 1’ and ‘Gymnopaedia Exercise No 2’, using a custom-trained AI model and sound design.
Both works were exhibited at commercial galleries Castor (London 2019) and Super Dakota (Brussels 2020).

Future collaborative projects with Sarah Derat include an ongoing research of AI, sound and neurosciences for MindSpaces residency, S+T+ARTS program (EU). This work explores the importance of sound/music in memory/emotion triggering and raises questions of machine’s ability to emote and our relationship to technological tools.
Help Musicians' support will help to fund the production of 'The Radicant's debut album, including contributing to session musicians' fees, instruments and software. This album marks the first step towards a new creative trajectory leading to an exploration of sound, visual arts and technology.