Award: Recording And Releasing Music (Do it Differently)

Year: 2020

Genre: Electronic

Instrument/voice type: Composer

Location: London

Website: xoamusic.com

XOA means to look outwards; to draw inspiration from many sources. Derived from the prefix exo, an XOA is any individual looking beyond their immediate surroundings for influence and inspiration to adapt and change.

As a musical project, XOA is defined by this spirit - its creativity is steeped in the rich analogue sonics of the past, the warmth of machines and influence from the sounds of London’s fervent music scene. Featuring a blend of contemporary electronic production and live instrumentation, 70s Afrobeat inspired drums and cosmic melodies are thrust into the present day with strong cues from house and techno.

The Do It Differently fund is going to contribute directly into writing new material, and will enable me to create my own imprint for releases , a big career step.