Yama Warashi

Award: Recording And Releasing Music (Do it Differently)

Year: 2020

Genre: Alternative

Instrument/voice type: Composer

Location: London

Website: yamawarashi.com

 My name is Yoshino - I am originally from Japan, now based in London. I started this project Yama Warashi in Bristol in 2015. The music is Inspired by Japanese folk dance, free jazz and tribal African music, and psychedelic music. Yama Warashi means mountain spirit in Japanese. The project has been always in band form, until recently the band has been 5-7 pieces with amazing and lovely friends musicians from Bristol. We made one EP, Moon Zero, two albums, Moon Egg and Boiled Moon with the band members. Lots of songs are about the moon.

I moved to London in April 2019 with a desire to work with more musicians. I am so inspired with London's music community. It is amazing to be here and meeting all these lovely people. I am currently working on a new album.
Recently (October and November 2020) we have recorded 8 songs with Kristian Craig Robinson at Total Refreshment Centre, London. Previously we recorded 2 songs in December 2019. These 10 songs together will be our third album. Support from Help Musicians will go towards Hannes Plattmeier to complete the mixing and mastering too. Since I received the good news, I have also asked Cathy Lucas ( Vanishing Twin ) to mix one song too since I always wanted to work with her. Additionally, I would like to create costumes for new promotional photos, and a music video for a single.