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Advice and guidance to help you with a video application 

Writing an application for financial support is a very different skillset to music creation. So you can apply to us using a video submission instead. If you’re considering applying in this way, here are some helpful starting tips:

  • First and foremost, prepare your answers in advance of recording. Two minutes of hmmms” and errrrms” won’t do justice to your project description. Use notes or cue cards to help you while recording your video responses if necessary.
  • Don’t feel the need to be too formal. Be yourself in your application and feel free to incorporate your artist identity or brand, if relevant. Our decision panels respond well to artists who are clearly passionate and excited about their upcoming projects.
  • Use the time limit to your advantage. It’s worth noting that some applicants feel they can verbally communicate more about their project in two mins than they can in 500 words of text. Don’t sell your project short by submitting a 30-second video with a minimal amount of detail.
  • Focus on the question and don’t digress too much from what’s being asked of you.
  • Before submitting, ensure both the audio/​video quality is clear. Tech can be your best friend and your worst enemy — make sure whatever video editing software you’re using hasn’t mysteriously scrambled the audio when exporting.

Check out these great video applications from Help Musicians’ supported artists Wynona Bleach, Robyn Steward and Malunga for inspiration. 

Example 1: Biography, Robyn Steward

Example 2: Project proposal, Wynona Bleach

Example 3: Career impact, Malunga

Finally, you’re not obliged to commit to one format or the other across the form. Maybe you want to write about your career highlights and self-sufficiency as an artist but feel more relaxed talking about your upcoming creative activity on camera. You have the option of both when completing the form. Just to be sure to pick one format or the other per question. If you submit both a written and video response for a question, only the written response will be assessed.

Happy recording!