A musician with a guitar case on their back walks down a street in Edinburgh while pulling a suitcase

Thinking about working abroad and feeling confused by visas and work permits? Need some advice on customs regulations? Not quite sure what the rules are on moving equipment and goods? 

Performing abroad can be a complicated process at the best of times, but with new travel regulations post Brexit and Covid, it can feel impossible to navigate the paperwork required to get on the road.

Fortunately, we offer support and access to experts who can help you navigate these challenges and help you play new stages overseas.

Support from Help Musicians 

Fast Track 

You can apply for legal support, expert advice or visa/​carnet costs through Fast Track, which supports eligible musicians with grants of up to £500 to help seize an opportunity that would have a lasting impact.
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Next Level 

Our Next Level awards provide business, peer and financial support to musicians wanting to take their career to the next level, and you can include costs associated with touring in your application.
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Further support 

If you require urgent advice or would simply like to read up on all things related to with visas, carnets, anything to do with working abroad as a musician, we recommend the services below. 

Some of these come at a cost, but you may be able to apply for support with these costs in a Fast Track or Next Level application (above).

If you require any further support, you can always reach out to the Help Musicians team at support@​helpmusicians.​org.​uk or +44 (0)20 7239 9101.