Widening of mental health support to feature digital platform 

  • Newly launched Music Minds Matter Explore provides the music industry with a safe space to explore mental health help and guidance
  • The Music Minds Matter phone line has seen over a 30% increase in calls this year
  • Demand for therapeutic support has doubled what was predicted in 2022 as musicians try to rebuild their careers post-pandemic

(May 9) The charity Help Musicians has expanded its mental health support with a digital exploration platform, Music Minds Matter Explore, following increasing demand for mental health support in the music industry. 

Music Minds Matter Explore invites users to search by how they are feeling to provide relevant, professional insight from mental health experts, as well as the option to hear from others in the industry who have faced similar challenges. Music Minds Matter Explore aims to offer understanding and connection for issues and feelings that can often feel isolating. The safe space also provides suggested support organisations and resources that can provide those struggling with further support and guidance. The platform intends to continue to grow over the coming months, adding more information, resources and videos across a range of challenges. 

Despite restrictions being entirely lifted in 2022 and live music back in full swing, musicians continue to face a difficult landscape post-Covid. Returning to stage after a two-year hiatus can cause issues such as performance anxiety, touring can manifest feelings of loneliness and for those who are trying to begin their career, competition for performance slots is high. Help Musicians’ Music Minds Matter phone service has seen a 34% increase in calls in 2022, signalling an ongoing, growing need amongst the community. Similarly, the need for therapeutic support through Music Minds Matter, provided by the charity’s clinical partner BAPAM, has more than doubled the predicted need in January to March 2022. Help Musicians online self-care sessions’, which provide coping mechanisms for issues such as stress, anxiety and negative emotions, have grown increasingly popular as musicians and those in the industry seek ways to cope with how they’re feeling. 

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week centres around the theme of loneliness, an emotion we can all recognise following the events of the past two years. However, for musicians who spend months on the road and operate in a competitive environment, loneliness can be an ever-present career challenge. Through Music Minds Matter Explore and the wider Music Minds Matter services, Help Musicians is working to put support in place. Peer Support Groups, run the charity with partner Tonic Rider, offer group sessions led by practitioners to harness the power of community and bring greater connection.

Joe Hastings, Head of Music Minds Matter, said: Music and musicians bring us all enormous joy but as these numbers show, mental health needs within the industry are continuing to rise. Music Minds Matter Explore has been launched to provide musicians and those working in the sector with a safe space to hear from others and begin to make sense of how they’re feeling. The landscape for musicians is ever-changing and we will continue to be agile in our support to help musicians overcome barriers and challenges. Sadly two years of Covid have seriously disrupted musicians’ careers and we would encourage anyone struggling to get in touch and find the support they need.”

Visit Music Minds Matter Explore: www​.music​minds​mat​ter​.org​.uk

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Music Minds Matter is Help Musicians’ dedicated mental health support line and service for the whole UK music community: 0808 802 8008

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