Explaining your current situation in an application
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
5th January 2022
Explaining your current situation in an application

This section is where we ask you to tell your story, helping us to understand the full impact of your challenges and assess how best we can help you. Tell us about the situation you find yourself in, and how it is impacting you both professionally and personally.

Things to consider when answering this:

  • What is your most urgent need?
  • How can we help you with this?
  • Make reference to all the ways this situation is affecting you, be it emotionally, financially or any implications for your mental and physical health. Also let us know how long this situation has been in development.


Further advice

If your situation is affecting your ability to work, then be sure to reference that here.

Head to our How to Apply page for further guidance to help you with your Health and Welfare application.