Making a postgraduate application: Why another year of study?
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
12th January 2022
Making a postgraduate application: Why another year of study?

Applications for our Postgraduate Awards are open until 7 March 2022. This article will help you with the part of the application asking why you wish to embark on another year of study.

In this section we want to know why you are planning on studying for another year and the goals you hope to achieve by the end of your year of study.

You should include the following:

  • Tell us why you have chosen this particular institution and course. If you have studied at a particular institution for 4 years already, tell us why you have decided to stay; if you have decided to change institutions, why have you decided to move?
  • Who will you be working with? Are there any teachers you’d like to work with?
  • What opportunities at college would you like to take part in? This could be auditioning for certain ensembles or the modules you’d like to take up
  • Are there any external opportunities you’d like to embrace? This could be teaching in local schools or joining a music group outside of your institution
  • What will you be working on? Will you focus on any particular repertoire?
  • What would you like to achieve by the end of the course? Do you have any goals such as performing a certain concerto or recording an EP?
  • What technical aspects would you like to work on?
  • What skills would you like to learn? Think about business skills such as understanding tax or how to build a fanbase