Writing a summary of your creative activities in your application
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
9th April 2021
Writing a summary of your creative activities in your application

You’ve already given us a short description of your proposal, for example “6 month UK tour”. Now is when you can get into the details of your ideas and tell us why our support is significant to you and your career. Give as much detail as possible and tell us why now is the right time for you and your creative activities. 

What should I include?

  • Timescales - You’ve already given us a timeline of your activity, now we want to know why you’ve chosen this timeline and why now is the right time for your planned activity. 

  • Who are you working with?Are you working with studios, sound engineers, other musicians, lecturers 

  • Why are you working with the people and companies you’ve selected?Why that specific studioWhat does that sound engineer bring to your music? Why those musicians? Are they the best in their field? Do they have a resonance with your local music community? 

  • Where will the work take place?Will you be touring the UK, which locations and why? Why that studio?   

Top tip:

Feel free to bullet point this section – but don’t skimp on the detail! Put it in chronological order, and tell us about the people involved, the dates and the rates. The panel will expect to see as much detail about your activities as possible, so use the word count/video length approximations to your advantageYou’ve already told us how you’ve been self-sufficient to date in your first question. Will you be similarly self-sufficient in this upcoming activity? Let us know how!  

It’s worth noting that some applicants feel they can verbally communicate more about their plans in two minutes than they can in 500 words of text. If this sounds like you, read our blog on how to submit a video application here.