Help Musicians’ Coronavirus Financial Hardship Funding: Phase 3

Help Musicians Hardship Fund Phase 3 announcement

Applications can now be made to Phase 3 of our Financial Hardship Funding. The latest initiative offers financial support until April 2021 to musicians who have fallen through the gaps of government support or are unable to make ends meet.

Since March 2020, Help Musicians has supported over 19,000 musicians with over £11m in financial hardship funding across the UK. However, while opportunities for musicians to earn are still severely limited, we understand that more support is needed to ensure the thousands who are falling through the gaps in government support, or unable to survive on what they receive, can get through the coming months. 

Phase 3 of our Financial Hardship Funding is targeted at self-employed musicians who do not qualify for Self-Employment Income Support Scheme and unemployed professional musicians who are unable to make ends meet in the face of further lockdowns and ongoing restrictions. 

For those who are eligible, to the extent that funds allow, the charity will offer grant payments from the time their application is successful to April 2021 to top-up Universal Credit payments where relevant. Where an applicant does not qualify for Universal Credit but is still experiencing significant financial hardship, an assessment will be made based on individual circumstances. 

                     If you are a musician looking to make an application, please visit our website here 

James Ainscough, Chief Executive, said: “We have seen musicians react with resilience and resourcefulness over the past eight months, however, as we progress through the year with no clear return to work, there are still many thousands struggling to make ends meet. This year, perhaps more than ever, we have all valued the comfort music has brought but without further financial support, we risk losing so many of the musicians behind the music. As a charity set up 99-years ago to support musicians, we’ve been in a privileged position to offer musicians help during this crisis, with donations from the wider industry and public donations making a meaningful difference to the scale of support we are able to provide. 

Help Musicians is incredibly grateful to Arts Council England who generously donated £1m towards Help Musicians Coronavirus Financial Hardship Funding Phase 3.

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