Sammy Virji at a DJ Mag event. Photo by Drew Eckheart

Fast Track, Next Level and Electronic Music Award will support next generation of musicians

Help Musicians has been responding to the changing needs of musicians for over 100 years and in 2024, we will continue to use research, census information and dialogue with musicians to inform our services. We are excited to announce three new awards aimed at musicians poised to make the next step in their careers and seize exciting opportunities.

These ambitious new types of support have been designed following the results of the 2023 Musicians’ Census. Thousands of musicians responded, offering unique insight into the UK’s musical community and the greatest challenges they face as they try to build sustainable careers in music. 

We strive to understand the issues most impacting musicians and design support that has a substantial and positive impact on their lives and careers. Our Fast Track, Next Level and Electronic Music Awards will help musicians create long term sustainable careers and overcome industry barriers.

The Fast Track Award is aimed at musicians who require a short turnaround on support during a pivotal moment in their career. This might be a short course, investing in new software, or taking opportunities to record, release or perform that help musicians to fulfil their ambition.

Next Level is designed to support people who are pursuing longer-term and more ambitious projects. As well as financial assistance, our Next Level Awards offer one-to-one business advice and peer support, so that we can support projects whilst equipping musicians with business skills and networks to help grow careers.

Our Electronic Music Award is being launched in association with DJ Mag and will support producers, DJs and musicians without the financial backing or resources to pursue a career-changing opportunity. The Musicians’ Census revealed that musicians in dance music have higher rates of low mental wellbeing than musicians working in other genres and face some of the biggest career barriers.

As a charity here for musicians of all genres, focused support in this genre will have a real long-term impact. Our genre-based support will connect electronic musicians with one another, as well as provide opportunities to gain business advice and build industry networks.