A guitarist performs in front of an outdoor audience

Meet the musicians we’re supporting from August

From August 2023 we’re supporting 32 musicians to hone their craft through things like developing mixing and mastering skills, launching an album promo tour, and learning how to utilise digital marketing campaigns.

The Apex Singers supported with Touring & Live and Record & Release 

From debut tours to live launch shows 

Eight artists are being supported to bring their music out to a live audience, including The Apex Singers.

Combined support provides artists with the opportunity to apply for different elements of support as part of one larger application. For The Apex Singers, this means they will be able to record new music and play a live performance that promotes the new album, all from the same application.

We’re deeply appreciative of the opportunity Help Musicians has afforded us at this critical time in our development as an ensemble.
The Apex Singers | supported to record a new album and promotional live performance.

Nikita Faie supported with record and release

25 artists are being supported to record and release new music, including Nikita Faie who is being supported to rehearse and record music videos for her debut EP Insomniac, Nikita’s largest project to date. The support will allow her to work with a movement director, stop-motion animator, photographer and production company. 

Without the support of Help Musicians, I couldn’t afford to fulfil my vision and do it justice. I simply couldn’t achieve this alone.
Nikita Faie | supported to rehearse and record music videos for their debut EP

Developing skills specific to your needs. 

Raíz supported with Skills and Professional Development support.

Skills and professional development support provides artists with the opportunity to enhance their skills or artistic practice. 

Raíz is being supported to attend a three month mixing and mastering course, learning skills that can be used in their own music and widen their future financial opportunities. 

As an independent artist, it’s a dream to be able to solely focus on the creative process rather than the financial struggle of raising money to complete the project.
Raíz | supported to attend a 3 month Mixing and Mastering course.

Looking to push your music career forward? 

If you’re a musician looking to release new music, arrange a live event or work on developing your skills, opportunities for support from Help Musicians are always available.