Jasdeep Singh Degun

Award: Do it Differently Fund

Year: 2019

Genre: Contemporary Classical

Instrument/voice type: Sitar

Location: Yorkshire

Website: www.jasdeepsinghdegun.com

Awarded the Yuva Sangeet Ratna 'Musician of the Year' at the National Indian Arts Awards 2016, Jasdeep is fast establishing a name for himself as a rising star of the Indian classical and contemporary music scenes. Jasdeep acquires a deep insight into the art of Indian Classical music through his teacher, Ustad Dharambir Singh MBE, and continues to develop his skills in performance, composition, and production.

An active musician and sitar player, Jasdeep has performed internationally in many high profile productions and prestigious venues, including Buckingham Palace, the Amphitheatre in Doha, and the Royal Albert Hall at the 2014 BBC Proms to name a few. 

A keen composer, Jasdeep has written, arranged, and produced music for a diverse array of projects and soundtracks, including music for string quartets, contemporary classical ensembles, prolific dance pieces, and high profile music productions. 

Jasdeep was recently awarded a Sky Academy Scholarship to work on a debut album of contemporary and classical music. As part of the scholarship, Jasdeep is currently mentored by the illustrious multi-instrumentalist and producer, Nitin Sawhney.