Young female singer performing on stage

Of the nearly 6,000 musicians who completed the Musicians’ Census, almost a third (30%) of all musicians reported experiencing negative mental wellbeing. The vast majority of musicians (73%) work as freelancers which means that if they experience a mental health crisis, they are isolated from support structures that would help to manage their health. 

For a freelance musician, there is no HR department or paid sick leave to fall back on — they are truly on their own.

This means more and more musicians are contacting our sister charity Music Minds Matter for support. Music Minds Matter exists to help people thrive in the music industry by supporting their mental health. But our life changing work relies solely on support from you and other music lovers.

Will you support positive mental health in the music industry?

Any donations you make to Help Musicians during the Big Give Kind2Mind from Tuesday 14 — Tuesday 28 May will be match funded up to £10,000 by the Bryan Adams Foundation and Reed Foundation and will go directly toward to supporting musicians mental health through Music Minds Matter.

That means for everyone £1 donated to us we will receive £2 to support the UK’s musicians.