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At Music Minds Matter we understand the unique pressures a life in music can create. 

We’re here to put positive mental wellbeing centre stage in music, offering everyone working in the industry the right tools and support at the right time to stay mentally well.

Our charities are funded entirely by music lovers. If you love music, join us to support all who make it possible. 

*If a counsellor is unavailable, a callback will be arranged at a time that works for you. Where appropriate, our support line may also signpost you to other specialist services and offer debt or legal advice.

Music Minds Matter Explore 

You can also find personal stories from others working in music, guidance videos from professionals, online resources and organisations offering support for whatever you’re going through via Music Minds Matter Explore.

For urgent help 

Our support is not intended to replace the NHS or private health services.

If it’s an emergency or you or someone you know is at imminent risk of harm or in acute distress, call 999 or go to your local A&E department.

If you need help, you should contact your GP or call NHS 111.

Other support is available via:

Self-care sessions 

Music Minds Matter hosts a series of free, online self-care sessions to provide you with techniques and strategies to work through challenging times, equipping you with tools to use on an ongoing basis.

Peer support groups 

Music Minds Matter’s peer support groups will give you the chance to listen and be listened to in a safe space of peers from the music industry, facilitated by an accredited counsellor.

These free groups are open to anyone working in the UK music industry and will meet weekly online for a six week period.

Helpline FAQs 

Yes, it is free to call Music Minds Matter on 0808 802 8008 inside the UK.

There may be costs associated with calling abroad — please check with your provider.

Yes. We keep a record of the enquiries we receive on a database, which can only be seen by staff who are involved in providing the Music Minds Matter service.

There’s no need to give us your name if you don’t want to, or any information you don’t feel comfortable sharing.

However, there are situations where we may not be able to keep the information you give us confidential — this is where there might be a risk to your own health and safety or the health and safety of others, or if you have been involved in a crime.

The Music Minds Matter telephone number can be accessed 24 hours a day, every day.

There is no cap or limit to how many times you can get in touch with us.

People get in touch with Music Minds Matter for all sorts of reasons, not just their work in music. 

Some of the most common things people want to discuss are difficulties with relationships, stress and bereavement, but many people just want someone to talk to about how they’re feeling at that moment.

The person who answers your call will be a BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) accredited counsellor who will offer you in the moment advice and support and will appreciate the challenges of working in the music industry. 

Music Minds Matter is here for everyone who makes music happen. This includes people working freelance, part or full time in:

  • Music performance and creation (performers, teachers, conductors, arrangers, etc)
  • Live music (engineers, venue staff, box office staff, tour managers, booking agents, promoters, roadies, lighting designers, etc)
  • Publishing and distribution (CD / record manufacturers, sync licensers, copyists, streaming platform staff, publishers, etc)
  • Studio production (studio staff, producers, mastering engineers, etc)
  • Professional services (music liaisons, managers, PAs, accountants, legal services, PR etc)
  • Instruments and gear (instrument technicians, piano tuners)

PRS for Music members can also access free counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy, as well as emotional support, or just a listening ear through our unique partnership with the PRS Members Fund. Just quote your CAE number when you call.

You can expect to receive emotional support, information, guidance and signposting to additional services that may be of help.

You may also be able to access additional support, such as counselling and advice on benefits, debt and legal issues. 

If the person you speak to thinks that you would benefit from therapeutic support, they will take you through a brief assessment to help them to find the right counsellor so support your needs.

Support comes in the form of brief intervention-focussed counselling that will be arranged through the call handler. 

Before you can be referred, you will be assessed just to see how things are for you and to discuss which type of counselling would suit you best.

To be eligible to apply for free online CBT or telephone counselling you must:

  • Earn at least 40% of your income from working in the music industry
  • Have less than £10,000 in savings
  • Be based in the UK

For face-to-face counselling, we’ll ask you to complete a Help Musicians application forms.

Counselling usually starts within a week or so of the assessment.

Yes. You can get in touch and receive emotional support and signposting through Music Minds Matter.

Further support 

Help Musicians works to make a meaningful difference to the lives of musicians across the UK, because we want a world where musicians thrive.

To discuss further support directly with one of our team then please get in touch with us on support@​helpmusicians.​org.​uk or by calling +44 (0)20 7239 9101.