Creative Programme

Creating music can be expensive, navigating the business often requires professional advice, and the specialist skills needed to record, release and grow can be costly to gain. We provide financial support to help musicians achieve their creative potential, develop their skills, grow their portfolio and build a career.

Creative Programme - What We Do (tile)
What We Do

How we support musicians across the UK. 

Creative Programme - Current Opportunities (tile)
Current Opportunities

Financial support for musicians to create and release music, develop their skills, further their studies and much more.

Creative Programme - Supported Artists (tile)
Supported Artists

This is what really matters – the people we help. Hear their stories and get inspired.

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Funding Wizard

There’s funding out there but it takes some tracking down – here’s a quick way to find the opportunities relevant to you.

Creative Programme - Advice for Funding Applications (tile)
Advice for Funding Applications

Step-by-step guides to applying for creative support from Help Musicians.