Creative Programme

It’s hard to get started as a musician. Training is time-consuming and expensive and there’s intense competition for those all-important opportunities that open up a career. Every year, we help hundreds of emerging musicians to develop their talent and get the crucial break they need.

Here you can find out about our Creative Programme and you can get up-to-date information about other sources of funding.

Creative Programme - What We Do (tile)
What We Do

Find out how we're supporting emerging and professional artists across the UK. 

Creative Programme - Current Opportunities (tile)
Current Opportunities

Get the latest on our funding schemes and how to apply.

Creative Programme - Supported Artists (tile)
Supported Artists

This is what really matters – the people we help. Hear their stories and get inspired.

Creative Programme - Funding Wizard (tile)
Funding Wizard

There’s funding out there but it takes some tracking down – here’s a quick way to find the opportunities relevant to you.

Creative Programme - Advice for Funding Applications (tile)
Advice for Funding Applications

Tips and advice for musicians writing a funding application