Touring and Live

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You can apply for financial support of up to £5,000 towards the cost of touring where it is possible to show the clear impact it will have on your career development. 

We understand the impact live performance and touring can have on a musician’s professional development, it's important for building your fanbase, increasing confidence and developing your performing skills, as well as offering you a chance to test new ideas. In the future, you may also find that touring could become an important part of your income generation.    

We recognise that musicians work best when they maintain their creativity, health and careers simultaneously, so in addition to the financial support offered as part of this grant, you will receive business advice to help grow your skills, and guidance on healthy practice to support you in maintaining your wellbeing. 

Thinking of touring abroad? We offer free visa and work permit advice too to anyone working in music, click here.

If your live activity is supporting a release, you can also apply to us for up to £3,000 for Recording and Release support at the same time as long as your total budget does not exceed £5,000.  

For advice on how to apply for support join our next Get Set session. 

Awardees receive: 

  • up to £5,000 in financial support towards touring and live activities. 

  • one-to-one business advice sessions tailored to your needs and delivered via experienced music industry professionalssupported by Jonathan Robinson at ThinkMusic 

  • one-to-one health consultation with British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) professionals, covering all aspects of a musician’s health, including physical and mental health needs and specialist referrals where required 

Is this for me? 

This support is for professional UK musicians of all genres and disciplines aged 18+, with a focus on independent musicians who are controlling one or more aspects of their career (e.g. self-managing, self-releasing, self-producing). You can be a solo artist, composer, group member, songwriter, producer or a multidisciplinary artist.  

Full application guide and eligibility criteria available here

When making an application please select 'Creative Activities' on the form


Combining Support

We want you to tell us what you need support with. So, if you need to, you can combine the types of support you apply for. For example, if you’re ready to go on tour through Touring and Live, but you also want to learn more about tour promotion through Skills Development, then you can apply for both types of support at the same time.

There are two key factors that you need to bear in mind:

  • The total must not exceed £5,000. For example, you could apply for £3,500 towards Touring and Live and £1,500 towards Developing Your Skills at one time. 

  • Both elements that you apply for need to work together to form one plan.