Joshua Burnside

Award: Recording And Releasing Music (Do it Differently)

Year: 2021

Genre: Folk

Instrument/voice type: Songwriter

Location: Northern Ireland


Joshua Burnside was born in Northern Ireland, where he draws inspiration from the beauty, the ugliness and the rich musical and literary heritage of an often tormented corner of the world. After his time spent touring his award-winning debut album ‘Ephrata’ around the UK and Ireland, Joshua returned home to experiment in his studio. Joshua used post-punk and electronic recording methods to push the boundaries of his beloved folk music and make a sound unique to the 21st century, one that echos the uncertainty and humanity of the times on his newest record 'Into The Depths Of Hell.' Lauded by critics and fans alike, Into The Depths Of Hell was released in September 2020.
Joshua was supported by the Transmission Fund in 2017 and the Fusion Fund in 2020.
Help Musicians have helped fund the creation of a new musical project, a concept album born of stories collected and created whilst living in Rostrevor, Co.Down.