These organisations can provide you with further support, more information on where to get help and how to protect your voice.

World Voice Day

World Voice Day falls on 16 April and aims to share the excitement of voice science, pedagogy and the vocal arts in one celebration.

British Voice Association

The Brisith Voice Association is a UK-based charitable organisation that encourages a healthy voice and vocal skills. There website includes a range of downloadable information sheets.


Vocalist is a resource for singers and singing teachers, and includes free online singing lessons and information on working in the music industry. 

British Association of Performing Arts Medicine

British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) is a unique non-profit organisation helping performing arts professionals and students with work-related health issues, both physical and psychological.

Vocal Process

Vocal Process work regularly with singers, actors, teachers, clinicians and voice therapists to clarify techniques and concept about the voice – spoken, sung and health-related.