Application results and feedback: FAQs
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
29th April 2021
Application results and feedback: FAQs

We understand how nerve-wracking it can be to wait on the outcome of an application. To help you know what to expect from this time, here is a guide to what happens once your application has been submitted, and what happens once a decision has been reached.

Why do I have to wait 8-10 weeks for a decision?

In order provide more opportunities for musicians to apply for support when they need it most, we’ve introduced a rolling programme for supporting Creative Activities – meaning that we’ve removed deadline dates. Therefore musicians no longer have to wait for a fund to open once or twice a year.

Our rolling programme consists of a two-stage assessment – first your application will be assessed internally for eligibility and against our criteria, and may then be presented to an independent panel who make recommendations for support. Our panels take place every 5-6 weeks, which is why it can take between 8-10 weeks to hear back from us.

Who decides whether my application has been successful?

Applicants are shortlisted for consideration by the Creative Programme team, and if selected based on their score may be presented to a panel of industry experts who will inform the final decision.

If my application is successful, will I be given the full amount I requested?

If your application is successful, we will always ensure that we provide the right amount of financial support to help you achieve the most of your creative activities, and in many cases this will be at the full amount requested.

Applications are assessed in line with the eligibility and advice in our guidance (insert). We advise you to read the advice about carefully to so that your budget reflects your activity. There is also guidance in the budget section on the application form and a blog post on how to write a good budget.

We would also remind you to stick to the guidance about maximum budgets available for different activity.

If I am not successful how soon can I reapply? 

You are able to re-apply as soon as you are ready. We advise you to read the guidance and blogs, and speak to a memeber of the team for further application advice, you can book time with them here.  

Can I make a complaint about the decision?

Our financial support is often heavily subscribed and as such we are unable to support every musician who applies to us. If you are unsuccessful on any occasion we would always advise you to get in touch with our team [email protected] to discuss reapplication.

Our decisions are final but if you feel we have not followed due process with your application you may refer to the Complaints Policy available on our website here.