Writing about key milestones in your application
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
9th April 2021
Writing about key milestones in your application

Your key milestones should act as a timeline for your proposal. This section should detail the steps you will take to complete your activity. 




What should I include? 

You should include any pivotal, key moments to your planned activity, such as:  

  • Approach musicians/producers 

  • Rehearsals

  • Recording at the studio

  • Send release to reviewers

  • Release album

Top tip:

This timeline should act as a plan for your next 12 months. It should be as accurate and realistic as possible, but we understand that things may change later down the line – so don’t worry if this happens! You should aim to give us between 4-10 milestones and make sure the dates you mark are realistic and achievable – we will be marking you on this!