After a tragic incident turned James’ life upside down, he turned to Help Musicians to help him through
James Bradley
15th February 2022

After a tragic incident turned James’ life upside down, he turned to Help Musicians to help him through; "If you can’t find the light switch then you have to ask someone to help you find it.”

Making a postgraduate application: Financial need and budget
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
12th January 2022

In these sections we ask for specific financial information.

Making a postgraduate application: Explaining your short and longer term goals
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
12th January 2022

In this section, we would like to know what your short-term plans are after graduation and what your longer-term ambitions are. You should be realistic with your goals and offer back-up plans just in case you experience any obstacles that get in your way.

Making a postgraduate application: Why another year of study?
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
12th January 2022

In this section we want to know why you are planning on studying for another year and the goals you hope to achieve by the end of your year of study.

A Christmas message from Help Musicians President Dame Evelyn Glennie
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
22nd December 2021

As we come to the end of 2021, all of us at the charity want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and the best wishes for the season.

Celebrating music at the 75th anniversary of the Festival of St Cecilia
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
22nd November 2021

On Wednesday 17 November 2021 we welcomed over 900 attendees to St Paul's Cathedral for our annual Festival of St Cecilia. After taking 2020’s festival online we were delighted to welcome everyone back in person to enjoy performances from our President Dame Evelyn Glennie and the choirs of Westminster Cathedral, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

Legendary Nile Rodgers joins Chris Difford for final episode of I Never Thought It Would Happen first series
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
8th November 2021

Joining Chris to talk about the up and downs of his career and life, is legendary producer, guitarist and song-writer Nile Rodgers. 

I Never Thought It Would Happen with KT Tunstall
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
1st November 2021

In this episode Chris enjoys a compelling and candid conversation with singer-songwriter KT Tunstall.

Singer-Songwriter Tom Odell joins Chris Difford on latest episode of I Never Thought It Would Happen
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
25th October 2021

In this episode, Chris invites singer-songwriter Tom Odell to discuss the highs and the lows of the fine art of songwriting. 

Tim Burgess discusses his Twitter listening parties, lockdown life and getting clean from drugs in latest Chris Difford podcast episode
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
18th October 2021

In this episode Chris is joined by Tim Burgess, the frontman for The Charlatans, a man who's now a household name for his Twitter Listening Party, which has featured everyone from Art Of Noise to The Zutons and most famously, Paul McCartney.

Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Amy Wadge joins Chris Difford on I Never Thought It Would Happen podcast
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
11th October 2021

Joining Chris in this episode is Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Amy Wadge.

Alfie Boe OBE joins Chris Difford on latest I Never Thought It Would Happen Episode
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
4th October 2021

This week, world-renowned Tenor Alfie Boe OBE joins Chris Difford to discuss his star dazzled career.

Midge Ure discusses the highs and lows of his career in latest I Never Thought It Would Happen episode
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
27th September 2021

Midge Ure is the musician joining Chris in the latest I Never Thought It Would Happen episode to discuss the highs to the lows of his career, considered with lots of humour, self deprecation and keen insight.

Doncaster-born singer, songwriter, and actor Yungblud joins Chris Difford on I Never Thought It Would Happen Podcast
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
20th September 2021

Joining Chris for this episode is Doncaster born actor and genre hopping musician, Dominic Harrison - who's better known as Yungblud.

Sir Simon Rattle: “Music is one of the treasures of our country, it is one of the great industries. This is one of our greatest glories and we must look after it.”
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
15th September 2021

Frances Segelman sculpts Sir Simon Rattle CBE in aid of Help Musicians

Help Musicians President Dame Evelyn Glennie joins Chris Difford on I Never Thought It Would Happen Podcast
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
13th September 2021

Joining Chris in the latest I Never Thought It Would Happen episode is the world's foremost solo percussionist, Dame Evelyn Glennie. 

Listen: Billy Bragg talks writing, touring and performing with Chris Difford
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
6th September 2021

Joining Chris on this episode is Billy Bragg, singer-songwriter, activist, "one-man Clash" and skiffle aficionado.

Listen: Nitin Sawhney discusses his career journey in music with Chris Difford for Help Muisicians podcast
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
31st August 2021

Multi-award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Nitin Sawhney joins Chris Difford to discuss his remarkable and varied career in music in the latest episode of I Never Thought it Would Happen, the Help Musicians podcast.

Locked down far from home during a pandemic: “Being helped during a time like this is the difference between being a musician or not being a musician”
Multi-disciplinary duo
31st August 2021

Rebecca Harris and her partner, Franklin Mockett, formed multi-disciplinary project, Samana, when they embarked on a spontaneous year-long trip across the natural wilderness and cities of Eastern Europe.

Vocal legend Ruby Turner joins Chris Difford on I Never Thought It Would Happen podcast
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
23rd August 2021

Joining Chris in this episode is the vocal legend Ruby Turner. Born in Jamaica before moving to Birmingham in the Seventies, Ruby was brought up surrounded by music.

1 in 4 of the soloists performing at this year's #BBCProms supported by Help Musicians
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
17th August 2021

The BBC Proms returned with a live audience this summer for the first time since September 2019.

Here at Help Musicians, we are proud to be able to say that 1 in 4 soloists performing this year received support from us at the start of their careers.

Listen: Robbie Williams opens up to Chris Difford for Help Musicians podcast
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
16th August 2021

Pop icon Robbie Williams opens up about his career, his mental health struggles and the impact of his late manager David Enthoven to to Chris Difford in the latest episode of I Never Thought it Would Happen, the Help Musicians podcast.  

Sting joins Chris Difford on Help Musicians podcast ‘I Never Thought It Would Happen’
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
10th August 2021

Legendary singer-songwriter Sting discusses the highs and lows of his career, the creative process and his thoughts on issues affecting musicians with Chris Difford on a brand-new podcast for Help Musicians. 

How the pandemic stripped away the heart of Wakefield’s music community: “To know that Help Musicians are there for you through the thick of it alleviates a lot of the stress”
Matt Knee
Multi-instrumentalist and producer
27th July 2021

In March 2020, COVID-19 had a devastating impact on Matt Knee's business. As the landlord continued to need rent, the operational costs amounting to several thousands, whilst Laurel House remained closed under government enforcement; the studio was caught in a dire situation and the future of Matt’s job was in jeopardy.

Frank Farell -
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021

We caught up with Frank Farrel to discuss his transition from music teaching to producing and music making back in January 2020 and what impact the pandemic had on his career. 

Sans Soucis -
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021

Sans Soucis tells us about her journey of moving from Italy to London at age 19, the beginning of her career as a producer when receiving the Help Musicians MOBO Fund and what it meant to have the support from our creative team at a time when such a big part of who she is was taken away.

Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021
Help Musicians speaks to supported-artist MEI about her journey of getting into music, receiving support to create and develop new music and how she reached out to Help Musicians again a few years later for support with her recovery from long Covid.
James Brown of Pulled Apart By Horses -
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021

When rock band Pulled Apart By Horses were halted by Covid, guitarist James Brown was forced to pause his successful career and leave the industry. With Help Musicians' support, he's now pivoted to composing and song-writing, work he can do during Covid restrictions, and his career is going from strength to strength.

Jeauneil -
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021

We speak to supported-artist Jeauneil about the support he received from Help Musicians to focus on his music during lockdown. He delves into the benefits beyond the grant itself, such as the mental health support, mentoring and business advice sessions.

ili -
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021

We provide support to musicians like ili, to ensure that musicians achieve their creative potential, including financial help to develop their skills, grow their portfolio and build a career.

Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021

When COVID-19 gripped the world and national Lockdown was enforced, Grace's plans for her nearly completed EP came to a sudden halt. With Help Musicians support Grace was able to record the rest of the tracks remotely, but the most critical aspect of support came unexpectedly, in the form of mental health care, after it came to light that Grace was struggling with a severe anxiety disorder.

Rhumba Club -
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021

We caught up with supported-artist Rhumba Club to talk about what it's really like to be a musician, how the pandemic interfered with the release of his new album and how, through Help Musicians' support, he learnt to create a long-term sustainable income stream. "It's one of the reasons the charity is really great, because it recognises that some people are just innately creative and need that support to live the life that they need to live" - Rhumba Club

A new Help Musicians System
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
23rd June 2021

A message for musicians who have recently received support from us

Overcoming obstacles with Saxophonist Emma Johnson: “I feel more confident in my own decisions and believe in what I'm doing.”
Emma Johnson
Saxophonist and bandleader of Gravy Boat
29th April 2021

To celebrate International Jazz Day, 2019 Peter Whittingham Jazz Awardee Emma Johnson tells us how she navigated a year of career obstacles to finally be able to record her band’s debut album.

Application results and feedback: FAQs
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
29th April 2021

Find out what happens once your application has been submitted, and what happens once a decision has been reached.

A tribute to The Duke of Edinburgh
Graham Sheffield
Help Musicians Chairman
16th April 2021

Help Musicians Chairman, Graham Sheffield, pays tribute to His Royal Highness Prince Philip, husband to our patron Her Majesty The Queen.

Help Musicians Business advice topics
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
9th April 2021

As part of the Help Musicians support, you’ll receive six hours of dedicated one-to-one business advice from industry experts, who are there to help you shape or rethink your business plans.

Apply for financial support towards creative activity
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
9th April 2021

When applying for music and career support from Help Musicians, there are five different areas of support you can apply for thought the year.

Writing a budget in your application
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
9th April 2021

We know a budget can be tricky, but it’s also incredibly useful for focusing and understanding your plans. Use your timeline as a prompt while you work through this, making sure you account for all costs at each step. 

Writing about the impact on your career in your application
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
9th April 2021

What is this? 

This is where you help us understand why your proposed activity will be an important step for your career at this point. Explain what you are trying to achieve in the short and long-term, and how this proposal will benefit your progression as a music creator.  

Writing a summary of your creative activities in your application
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
9th April 2021

What is this? 

You’ve already given us a short description of your proposal, for example “6 month UK tour”. Now is when you can get into the details of your ideas and tell us why our support is significant to you and your career. Give as much detail as possible and tell us why now is the right time for you and your creative activities. 

Writing about key milestones in your application
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
9th April 2021

What is this? 

This should act as a timeline for your proposal. This section should detail the steps you will take to complete your activity. 

Writing a biography in your application
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
9th April 2021

What is this? 

This is your moment to shout about your music and career so farIn order to assess what you’ve achieved, we’ll want to know about your background. This isn’t just a straight copy & paste of your press release; write it in first personbe as clear as possible and remember, the more examples you can give us the better! 

A life remembered: Jane Manning OBE
Graham Sheffield
Chairman of Help Musicians
6th April 2021

A personal note: Graham Sheffield CBE - Chair, Help Musicians

Our work in 2020: Providing a lifetime of support when it's needed most
James Ainscough
Chief Executive Officer - Help Musicians
16th March 2021

As we hit the first anniversary of Covid’s devastating impact on the music ecosystem, let’s take a moment to reflect on how the crisis has hurt musicians; those who make the music that has sustained the entire nation through the crisis.

Help: but is it enough!
Graham Sheffield
Chairman of Help Musicians
11th March 2021

"For all of us, 2020 was one of the most challenging years in our collective history, and it certainly was within the 99 year history of Help Musicians, as we enter our centenary year."

Graham Sheffield delivers a speech at the Association of British Orchestras conference 2021.

Her Ensemble: How Help Musicians’ Coronavirus Hardship Fund helped Ellie Consta set up UK’s first all-female string orchestra
Ellie Consta
Violinist and founder of Her Ensemble
8th March 2021

The events of March 2020 pressed pause on live music and in the classical world, orchestras across the globe downed their instruments. However, in hardship creativity can flourish, and it was during this time that violinist Ellie Consta was inspired to form UK’s first all-female and non-binary string orchestra: Her Ensemble.

2020: Support and collaboration in a difficult year
James Ainscough
Chief Executive Officer - Help Musicians
21st December 2020

In a world that can feel increasingly divided, the music community came together to help the musicians who make the music that carried us through this crisis, says James Ainscough, Help Musicians CEO.

How to build a strong case for PR costs in your funding application
Barnaby Duff
Creative Programme Officer
18th November 2020

But how do you budget for marketing and PR? There is a balance to be struck when it comes to having the right amount of ‘PR push’ within your campaign, and  explaining how you will apply PR is crucial to a successful funding application, Creative Programme Officer, Barnaby Duff explains.

What to expect from the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award
Sam Healey
23rd September 2020

In 2019, at a crucial point in his career, Manchester-based Sam Healey’s punk-jazz group Skeltr received the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award. Here, Healey tells us about why he knew he was ready to apply, his audition and the positive ripple effect the Award has had on his career trajectory.

Risk Assessment in your creative activity planning
Abi McQuater
Musicians' Development Officer, Help Musicians
27th August 2020

Risk assessment and mitigation planning is vital at the best of times when planning a tour or, live project - let alone, in the current climate. Whilst we adjust to the live touring scene post-Brexit and keep tabs on Covid 19 restrictions across the world, the very nature of what it means to ‘get on the road’ and the means through which we can do this requires adapting. But how can you plan for this?

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020: Coping with change
Helen Brice
Existential Psychotherapist
20th May 2020

Change (as we are experiencing now) is intrinsically linked to anxiety. Helen Brice, a psychotherapist specialising in working with musicians and performers, offers some practical mindfulness.

Add to your creative toolkit with support from Help Musicians’ Transmission Fund
Barnaby Duff
Creative Programme Officer
30th April 2020

Transmission Fund offers grants for short periods of development, including online courses, 1:1 coaching, conference attendance, songwriting academies and masterclasses. Having been adapted for a socially-distanced landscape, Help Musicians’ Creative Programme Officer Barnaby Duff explains how the Transmission Fund might be able to assist your career, even in lockdown.

Opera singer Bibi Heal reflects on how the Fusion Fund helped her investigate the possibilities of a creative idea
Bibi Heal
Opera singer
6th April 2020

Opera singer Bibi Heal was supported by the Fusion Fund to create Song Surgery, a project that explored the use of poetry and music to improve mental health and wellbeing. Here she reflects on how Fusion gave her the freedom to research and develop the project, as well as how she is adapting the project to suit the current climate of self-isolation. 

Postgraduate Awardees Pedro Silva and Ariel Lang, co-founders of MyLuthier, explain why they have chosen to give back to Help Musicians
Pedro Silva
Co-founder of MyLuthier
6th February 2020

Pedro Silva shares the impact Help Musicians’ Postgraduate Award funding had on his and business partner Ariel Lang’s careers, and explains why they have chosen to donate through their company, MyLuthier.

A brief history of Help Musicians’ named awards
Bex Ransom
Creative Programme Officer
3rd February 2020

Help Musicians has supported the costs of music education since our founding in 1921. In fact, apart from during the outbreak of World War 2, we have given awards to UK conservatoire students for nearly 100 years. Creative Programme Officer Bex Ransom explains the history behind some of our existing named awards.

Help Musicians launches refreshed visual identity
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
27th January 2020

We’ve had a small face-lift! You may notice a slight change in our communications this month. 

“Support like Transmission Fund is vital to enabling us to share the power of music with others.” Awardee Caro C shares her story
Caro C
Composer, Producer and Performer
2nd January 2020

Caro C is a composer, producer and performer, and a recent recipient of Help Musicians’ Transmission Fund, which supported her unique development needs and allowed her to progress as a music creator. Enabled by our funding, her time with creative coach Heidi Chadwick is a great example of just how bespoke the Transmission Fund’s support can be. 

Female Voices in Musical Theatre: How our Transmission Fund helped Wigmore & Green’s musical theatre careers
Caroline Wigmore
Musical theatre writer
13th December 2019

Jen Green and Caroline Wigmore are musical theatre writers and recent recipients of Help Musicians’ Transmission Fund, which helped them at a crucial point in their development, both as artists and as women working in theatre. Caroline has written a blog to tell us more about their experience at SHE Festival New York this past June, presenting their new show, ‘The Bachelor Girls’.

An easy, step-by-step guide to filling out a funding application
Barnaby Duff
Creative Programme Officer
18th November 2019

When you’re applying for funding with Help Musicians, you're asked three fundamental questions: your past (your bio), your present (your project) and your future (the impact of your project). Creative Programme Officer Barnaby Duff talks you through each one in this helpful step-by-step guide. 

Applying for financial support using a video application
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
9th September 2019

The dos and don'ts of putting together a strong video application

Why I’m racing three triathlons in 2019 for Help Musicians
James McAulay
Co-founder & CEO of Encore
20th August 2019

James McAulay is the Co-founder & CEO of Encore, an online tool for finding and booking musicians for live events. He explains why he's decided to race three triathlons in support of Help Musicians this year. 

Why I'm running in support of Music Minds Matter
Jen Ewbank
Senior Director of International Marketing at AWAL Recordings, Kobalt Music Group
9th August 2019

Jen Ewbank is the Senior Director of International Marketing at AWAL Recordings, Kobalt Music Group and was one of Music Week’s ‘30 under 30’ in 2016. She’s running the Swindon Half Marathon on September 22 in support of Help Musicians' mental health helpline, Music Minds Matter.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019: Why we listen to musicians in need
Joe Hastings
Head of Health and Welfare
16th May 2019

To highlight Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, our Head of Health & Welfare, Joe Hastings, writes about how Music Minds Matter and our Health & Welfare team both play crucial roles in the lives of musicians. 

Joe Danher on how to submit an excellent Do It Differently Fund budget
Joe Danher
Creative Programme Officer
30th April 2019

Our Creative Programme Officer Joe Danher is back again with tips about how to make sure your Do It Differently Fund application has the best chance of succeeding – this time, he’s looking at how to put together a strong budget for your project.

Isata Kanneh-Mason:
Isata Kanneh-Mason
Post Graduate Awardee
29th April 2019

Decca-signed pianist Isata Kanneh-Mason received a Help Musicians UK Postgraduate Award in 2018. Here, she tells us about her journey with the piano and how the award has helped her career.

Do It Differently Q&A with Creative Programme Officer, Joe Danher
Joe Danher
Creative Programme Officer
16th April 2019

Help Musicians UK’s Creative Programme Officer, Joe Danher, talks through his tips for submitting a top-notch Do It Differently application.

Celebrating Lady Maud Warrender on International Women's Day 2019
Kate Connolly
Secretariat Officer
8th March 2019

For International Women's Day 2019, we reflect on the influence and legacy of one of the founding members of Help Musicians UK. 

‘This kind of service is important to our industry’: Glasvegas’ Rab Allan on Music Minds Matter
Rab Allan
Guitarist for Glasvegas
19th December 2018

Glasvegas guitarist Rab Allan looks back on how Music Minds Matter and the research that it stemmed from has helped him both personally & professionally. 

Chris Sheehan on why Music Minds Matter is crucial for the industry
Chris Sheehan
Director at Karousel Music
13th December 2018

Chris Sheehan helps us mark the one year anniversary of Music Minds Matter by sharing some words about why the service is increasingly important for the music business.


Adam Ficek reflects on the importance of Music Minds Matter for #MMM1YearOn
Adam Ficek
Musician, pyschotherapist & counsellor
7th December 2018

Musician, psychotherapist and counsellor Adam Ficek pens a guest post for us reflecting on mental health in music to mark our one year of Music Minds Matter anniversary campaign, #MMM1YearOn

A look at the obstacles to career progression for parents and carers – as shown in groundbreaking new research by PiPA
Indy Vidyalankara
Head of Strategic Communications, Help Musicians UK
19th October 2018

HMUK's own Indy Vidyalankara shares her experiences as a parent in the music industry following the new research revealed by PiPA.

We caught up with Helena Kay, Peter Whittingham Jazz Award winner of 2017
Helena Kay
2017 Peter Whittingham Jazz Award
17th September 2018

Hear from Helena on what she’s been up to since receiving the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award of £5,000.

Nutun tells us all about her experience volunteering for Help Musicians UK
Nutun Ahmed
12th September 2018

Nutun has volunteered her singing talents for us on multiple occasions – hear more about her experiences volunteering for HMUK.

Kayla Painter talks Future Bubblers and funding applications
Kayla Painter
9th August 2018

Kayla Painter is  a current year 3 Future Bubbler who has recently received support through Help Musicians UK with a £1,000 alumni bursary toward her professional development. Kayla took the time to tell us about how she’ll use her bursary, her experience on the Future Bubblers scheme and advice on applying for funding programmes.

Evocation, Painting in Words and Music
Sam Moore
Flamenco Guitarist
19th July 2018

Hear from flamenco guitarist Samuel Moore on how a Career Development Bursary from us helped him with an important project in his music career. 

Love Never Fails
Matt (a.k.a Digital Pilgrimz)
21st June 2018

Hear from Matt (a.k.a Digital Pilgrimz) on the power of music in aiding his recovery, and how Help Musicians UK has helped him through his mental health challenges.

Being a volunteer Visitor for Help Musicians UK
Bob Towers
Retired Engineer
8th June 2018

Hear from Bob, a retired engineer, on his experiences being a volunteer Visitor for Help Musicians UK.

Emily Lee discusses how therapy sessions helped her music career
Emily Lee
18th May 2018

A beautiful and heartfelt blog from Emily Lee, a musician we have supported with a grant to pay for therapy sessions so that she could focus her finances on completing her EP.

Self-care on the road
Matthew Leone
International Artist Liaison Executive
16th May 2018

Help Musicians UK's Matthew Leone, bassist for Madina Lake, gives some tips on maintaining your mental well being while on tour.

Sveta and Slava reach new audiences with their Music à la Carte voting app
Sveta and Slava
Musical duo
20th March 2018

HMUK-supported artists Sveta & Slava talk about why they’ve developed an app that allows audiences to vote on the music they’d like to hear.

Bex Burch of Vula Viel discusses money and funding
Bex Burch
19th March 2018

In September last year, Help Musicians UK launched the Transmission Fund, which allows musicians to grow through funding career development opportunities such as short courses, workshops or one-to-one coaching sessions. We funded Bex Burch to return to western Ghana where she had previously spent three years living, farming and learning with the Dagaare tribe.

We caught up with Bex after her trip, and she gave us her thoughts on money and funding when you're a musician.

Transmission Fund awardee Bex Burch talks about her trip to Ghana
Bex Burch
14th March 2018

Hear from Bex Burch, one of the first recipients of the Transmission Fund, who used her money to return to western Ghana to live and play music with the Dagaare tribe.

James Kennedy talks about the difficulties of working in the music industry
James Kennedy
Singer Songwriter
6th December 2017

Hear from James Kennedy, singer for the band Kyshera, on the importance of taking care of your mental health and wellbeing, when working in the music industry.

Tom Cridland and The Real Music Collection for Help Musicians UK
Tom Cridland
Chief Executive Officer, Tom Cridland
7th November 2017

Tom and the team at Tom Cridland are raising funds for Help Musicians UK with style with The Real Music Collection! Hear from Tom as he tells us about his latest design paying tribute to the musical greats and why he is raising money for a cause close to his heart.

Alison shares her experiences of hearing loss
Alison Beck
Jazz, gospel and session singer & composer
25th October 2017

Hear from Alison, who received a grant from HMUK to pay for a specialist musician's hearing aid, as she talks about the taboo subject of hearing loss in the music industry. 

Meeting Palestine and Israel
Alba Cabral
Musician, educator and workshop leader
17th August 2017

I am very grateful to have been awarded the Career Development Bursary by Help Musicians UK, which gave me the opportunity to make a dream come true: visit Palestine and make music with the people living there.

Phoebe's funding takes her to China
Phoebe Haines
HMUK-funded artist
27th July 2017

Phoebe received HMUK funding to go to China as the UK-representative at I Sing International Young Artists Festival,  a cross-cultural collaborative musical programme between western and Chinese opera singers.

Tom Langley wins a place at MBschool
Steve Melhuish
MMBE Course Leader
24th July 2017

This is Tom Langley. He is over the moon to be joining Music Business School at Tileyard on 20th September for our last 13-week course of 2017.

EAF-supported artist shares what the funding means
Ralegh Long
18th July 2017

The EAF award marks the culmination of a wild journey for this record. I am delighted and hugely grateful to have won.

I made the record sort of as a last hurrah, as someone who'd almost given up; I could never have expected it would go on to win the Emerging Artists Award.

Music Business School Alumni Share Their Experiences
Tigerlily Raphael
Creative Programme Assistant
13th July 2017

At the Brighton Music Conference in April 2017, HMUK ran a competition for two free places on the September ‘Managing a Music Business Enterprise’ (MMBE) course at the Music Business School in Tileyard.

Ahead of the next course starting, Tiger Lily from the Creative Programme caught up with two previous alumni to find out how it was for them…

Carla Easton's Banff Residency - Career Development Bursary
Carla Easton
Singer songwriter
5th July 2017

Carla J. Easton is a singer & songwriter, with a background and education in visual arts, based in Glasgow, Scotland. Graduating from the Masters of Fine Art programme at Glasgow School of Art in 2011, Easton has been performing and writing music for the all girl-band TeenCanteen ever since

She was supported through our Career Development Bursary.

Musician Go: the powerful online directory for local music services
Musician Go
Musician Go
30th June 2017

Musician Go is a brand new website that aims to be every musician’s central resource to receive gig bookings, search for music teachers to harness their progression and discover local businesses to serve their musical needs.

My summer at Sinaia
Francina Moll Salord
26th June 2017

Francina recieved a Career Development Bursary from Help Musicians UK in 2016. Read how she spend her award below.

Christine Brown's address at Midem re Women in Music partnership
Christine Brown
Director of External Affairs & NI
20th June 2017

Below is the full speech from Christine Brown, Director of External Affairs and Chief of Staff at Help Musicians UK, who announced the exciting partnership during a private brunch, panel and networking event at MIDEM hosted by WIM.

HMUK's visit to Xpo North festival in Inverness
Tigerlily Raphael
Creative Programme Assistant
19th June 2017

Xpo North, in Inverness, is Scotland’s leading creative industries festival

Why I enjoy volunteering for HMUK
Robert Wright
Volunteer Visitor
6th June 2017

No two musicians are alike—just like their music. One thing they have in common, however, is the warm welcome they give me. 

A personal account of Volunteering for HMUK
Cherish Mengel
Volunteer for Help Musicians UK
31st May 2017

Cherish volunteered for Help Musicians UK in our Creative team for a few months in early 2017.

Looking back at The Great Escape 2017
Claire Gevaux
Creative Director
26th May 2017

Claire looks back at The Great Escape 2017

Coming Up For Air Project
Kathryn Williams
11th May 2017

Kathryn is a flautist based in Manchester. Help Musicians UK supported Kathryn last year when she was in need of a sinus operation to enable her to carry on playing. 

How Help Musicians UK continues to support musicians’ mental health
Christine Brown
Director of External Affairs & NI
8th May 2017

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 we reflect on the work we already do to support musicians & look forward to the next stages of our mental health campaign. 

Looking to the future for Help Musicians Scotland
Claire Gevaux
Creative Director
11th April 2017

As the charity approaches it centenary year in 2021, we are committed to be truly representative of the music sector, increasing our presence in the nations and regions of the UK, being inclusive to every genre and reaching a diverse range of musicians and those working in the broader industry.

Postcards and Stories from our musicians - Part 2
Susie Butt
Volunteer & Engagement Officer
14th February 2017

As part of our Valentine’s takeover day we are sharing our love for musicians by sharing stories on how we've helped musicians through a crisis or illness.

Postcards & Stories from our Musicians - Part 1
Susie Butt
Volunteer & Engagement Officer
14th February 2017

This Valentine’s day we thought we would share with you some stories and thoughts from our talented musicians on why they love Help Musicians UK.

Independent Venue Week Report from Northern Ireland
Taylor Johnson
Freelance broadcaster and music journalist
2nd February 2017

Northern Irish musician, Taylor Johnson, told us about his Independent Venue Week experience. 

Growing HMUK's network to support artists
Christine Brown
Director of External Affairs & NI
31st January 2017

Our Director of External Affairs and NI wrote about our growing network to support artists across the UK.

HMNI X Independent Venue Week 2017
Ashling Pickett
Industry and PR Officer
24th January 2017

Help Musicians are proud and excited to be an official partner of this year’s Independent Venue Week (IVW), which is taking place this week until Sunday 29 January.

Gramophone Classical Music Award Young Artist of the Year
Benjamin Appl
12th December 2016

Help Musicians UK was proud to support the Young Artist of the Year award at this year's Gramophone Classical Music Awards. 

Benjamin Appl, a young German baritone, received the prestigious award and wrote a blog for us about his life as a singer and winning the award. 

Volunteering for HMUK - A personal experience
Liam Taylor
Liam Taylor
5th December 2016

Liam volunteered for HMUK at our Northern Ireland launch. Read about his experience.

Volunteering at HMUK
Dan Brown
5th December 2016

Volunteering at the Help Musicians UK office is quite an unforgettable experience.

Professional Pathways Podcast series
Claire Gevaux
Creative Director
1st December 2016

The first of a series of podcast interviews with musicians we have supported over the past 10 years through our Creative Programme.

My time with Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music
Dani Howard
Composer / Collaborator
19th October 2016

Career Development Bursary recipient Dani Howard shares her experiences at the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music in Santa Cruz, California. 

One year on
Square One
Jazz Quartet
17th October 2016

We caught up with jazz quartet Square One, a year after receiving the Peter Whittingham Award.

Passepartout Duo on the American road
Nicoletta Favari
Passepartout Duo on the American road
13th October 2016

Nicoletta Favari, a Pianist who studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, was awarded a Career Development Bursary in 2016.

Managing Music Performance Anxiety
Tracy Dempsey
Performance Coach
11th October 2016

Tracy Dempsey has been coaching musicians and other performers since 2007. In this blog, She shares her tips for managing performance anxiety. 

From the Spinal Ward to the Himalayas
Cheryl Law
10th October 2016

In 2015, violist Cheryl Law fell off a climbing wall and broke her back in 4 places. We were able to help to get her back playing. In a recent adventure to India, she raised over £2,600 for us by trekking throughout the Himalayas. 

An open letter in response to Charlotte Higgins
Graham Sheffield
Chairman of Help Musicians
30th September 2016

Director of Arts at British Council and our Chairman responds to an opinion piece written by Charlotte Higgins in last week's Guardian.

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Susanne Simma's Career Development Bursary
Susanne Simma
Susanne Simma
20th September 2016

Bassoon player Susanne Simma succussfully gained a Career Development Bursary from Help Musicians UK this year. Here, she tells us how she used the bursary and how it has benefited her career as a young musician.

Lillie Harris's Career Development Bursary
Lillie Harris
Lillie Harris
2nd September 2016

Lillie Harris succussfully gained a Career Development Bursary from Help Musicians UK, this year. Lillie tells us how she used the bursary and how it has benefited her career as a young musician.

Learning to live again
Melissa James
15th August 2016

Melissa James shares her inspiration behind the song Live Again, giving an insight into feelings of loneliness and depression.

Never Known Silence
Ashling Pickett
Industry and PR Officer
15th July 2016

Our Industry and PR Officer wrote about living with Tinntus for the Plug'em blog.

The Broken Muso
Gail Thompson
Former professional musician, composer & conductor
14th July 2016

In a revealing read, musician we supported, Gail Thompson, tells us her struggles with being diagnosed with MS and how we were able to assist through difficult times.

Touring after Brexit
Chris Sheehan
Music Industry Liaison
8th July 2016

Our Music Industry Liaison, Chris Sheehan, looks at the future of touring once the UK leaves the EU.

EU Referendum
Patrick Christie
External Affairs Officer
20th June 2016

Our External Affairs Officer looks at the implications of the EU referendum for the music industry.

There to help through dark times
Roddy Neilson
17th June 2016

For Men's Mental Health Week 2016, violinist we supported, Roddy Neilson, shares reflections of his own mental health and how our help guided him back to musical inspiration.

Liverpool Sound City
Ellie Moore
Talent Programme Officer
7th June 2016

Our Talent Programme Officer returned to her favourite place in the world for Liverpool Sound City. Read her favourites from the weekend.

My journey in the world of folk
Luke Jackson
3rd June 2016

For BBC Music Day, singer/songwriter Luke Jackson takes the time out to write some words for us about his musical journey, how we helped and where he is now.

A Perfect Fit - A Volunteer Visitor's Story
Tracey O'Connor
2nd June 2016

To celebrate Volunteers Week we asked one of our Volunteer Visitors, Tracey O'Connor, to tell us why she volunteers for Help Musicians UK and what it means to her. Tracey is a musician herself, you can check out her music here.

Mental health: top tips for performers
Anna Albright
Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
25th May 2016

Anna Albright gives her top tips for musicians and performers who may be suffering from symptoms of mental illness.

Not all in the mind.
Jonny Hennessey-Brown
17th May 2016

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, professional cellist and bipolar sufferer who we supported, Jonny Hennessey-Brown is sharing his experiences of living with mental illness.

#MyVoodooRibbon experiences
Brona McVittie
6th May 2016

Earlier this year, Karousel Music and sE Electronics donated us a VR2 microphone to giveaway to one lucky musician. Singer-songwriter Brona McVittie won, and in her blog she shares what she's doing with the mic, including a clip of her new April track.

Top tips for vocal health
Lucy Heyman
Vocal Coach & Lecturer at Birmingham City University
12th April 2016

Vocal Coach and Lecturer Lucy Heyman shares her top tips on looking after your vocal health.

My first visit
Matt Mulcahy
Communications Manager
7th April 2016

Senior Communications Officer, Matt Mulcahy, reflects on his first visit to a musician the charity supports.

Plug'em celebrate 6 months
Emily Broomhead
British Tinnitus Association
21st March 2016

Emily Broomhead, Projects Manager for the British Tinnitus Association, tells us more about the Plug’em campaign and how support for the campaign has increased since it began in 2015.

YCAT Development Session 2nd round-up
Bex Ransom
Creative Programme Officer
11th March 2016

Talent Programme Assistant Bex Ransom shares her round-up of the recent YCAT Development Sessions on PR, Press and Self-Promotion.

Researching the need: Three months in….three questions asked
Claire Gevaux
Creative Director
8th March 2016

Three months into her new role at Help Musicians UK, Creative Director Claire Gevaux explains a new research project the charity is undertaking.

Artist as Creative Entrepreneur – what did we learn?
Ellie Moore
Talent Programme Officer
22nd February 2016

Talent Programme Officer Ellie Moore gives a round up of the recent Artist Development session with YCAT and offers some tip tops for aspiring classical musicians.

Hearing loss and what you can do
Phil Bayne
Guitarist & Songwriter
4th February 2016

Guitarist and songwriter who we supported, Phil Bayne, shares his experiences with hearing loss and offers advice for those who may be suffering.

Spreading Awareness of Tinnitus
Emily Broomhead
British Tinnitus Association
4th February 2016

Emily Broomhead from the British Tinnitus Association explains the activities planned for Tinnitus Awareness Week and how you can get involved.

Beyond Stage Fright
Charlotte Tomlinson
Performance Coach
21st January 2016

Beyond Stage Fright is the brainchild of Charlotte Tomlinson – pianist, performance coach and author of Music from the Inside Out - who writes here about why she decided to create & host this series.

Taking flamenco guitar playing to higher levels
Sam Moore
Flamenco Guitarist
17th December 2015

Career Development Bursary recipient Sam Moore talks of his valuable tuition with renowned flamenco guitarist Juan Martín and upcoming project at Leeds Art Gallery.

The Unsigned Guide offers subscription discounts
Louise Dodgson
Editor, The Unsigned Guide
3rd December 2015

The Unsigned Guide's Editor Louise Dodgson tells us a little more about what The Guide does, including a festive discount for those looking to join.

Leaving a Legacy
Janet Fereday
Fundraising Manager
30th November 2015

Fundraising Manager Janet Fereday talks about the importance of legacy and how to pass yours on to the causes you love.

Hearing project - what's next?
Nigel Hamilton
Help and Advice Manager
20th November 2015

Following the launch of our hearing campaign, Help and Advice Manager Nigel Hamilton asks what's next.

Celebrating Belfast's music scene
Stuart Bailie
CEO, Oh Yeah Music Centre
5th November 2015

Stuart Bailie celebrates Belfast's thriving music scene as Sound of Belfast, the city's leading conference for the industry, is in full swing.

Musician honoured at memorial concert
Hugh Roberton
28th October 2015

As a close friend of Mick Dolan, Hugh Robinson shares his reflections at the recent memorial fundraising concert.

The quiet music of gently falling snow
Jackie Morris
22nd October 2015

Artist Jackie Morris shares her thoughts and reflections behind her stunning Christmas cards and calendar.

Mental Health and the Music Industry
Nigel Hamilton
Help and Advice Manager
9th October 2015

Our Help and Advice manager Nigel Hamilton discusses mental health within the music industry, why there is such a stigma around it and how Help Musicians UK can support those who suffer. 

Show, Don’t Tell
Jack Harris
23rd September 2015

At a recent English Folk Dance and Song Society creative residency course, singer/songwriter Jack Harris shares his reflections.

Five tips for DIY recording
Cameron Black
Meet and Jam
28th July 2015

It's now becoming easier than ever to set up your own recording facility. Cameron Black from Meet and Jam shares his tips on creating your own rig that's right for you.

A road to recovery
Mark Keeley
Frontman, Good Rockin’ Tonight
15th July 2015

Mark Keeley shares his journey to recovery after vocal surgery, explains how Help Musicians UK supported him to get back in the game and reveals plans to record a new album.

Stage Fright? Viva Las Vagus
Paul Crick
Performance Confidence Coach For Musicians
7th July 2015

Paul Crick explores a brief history of performance anxiety and looks at ways that help musicians to overcome emotional blocks to self-expression.

Maz O’Connor on playing at festivals
Maz O'Connor
Folk singer
3rd July 2015

Have you ever wondered what it's like to play at a festival? We caught up with Maz ahead of the summer festival season to hear what she had to say about her upcoming gigs.

How to Form a Band
Nick Ford-Young
Co-Founder of Meet and Jam
15th June 2015

Co-founder of Meet and Jam, a musicians networking community, shares his tips for aspiring musicians thinking about starting a band.

We say a big thank you to our dedicated volunteers
Angela Riches-Heed
Visitor and Volunteer Co-ordinator
5th June 2015

Help Musicians UK's Visitor & Volunteer Co-ordinator Angela Riches-Heed says a huge thank you to our volunteer Musicians Supporters, talks about their vital role in the work we do and shares some touching stories from the frontline.

A safe pair of hands?
Mark Latimer
28th May 2015

Pianist Mark Latimer opens up about his return to music after treatment for a disease in his hands.

'We all owe musicians'. Our trustee Jonathan Morrish calls upon the industry
Jonathan Morrish
11th May 2015

Our trustee Jonathan Morrish talks about his 40 year experience in the music industry and explains why we are needed more than ever.

BIMM students host screening & music from cult classic Pulp Fiction
Alex Barton
BIMM student
27th April 2015

Third year BIMM student Alex Barton talks about final year studies, working in collaboration with Help Musicians UK and the excitement of the Pulp Fiction Experience next month.

12 Ensemble on their debut album and crowdfunding
12 ensemble
Emerging Excellence Award Artist
20th April 2015

12 ensemble talk about their debut album, 20th and 21st century British music for string orchestra and how crowdfunding helped get their project get off the ground.

Getting to Understand Musicians’ Hearing
Nigel Hamilton
Help and Advice Manager
31st March 2015

Help Musicians UK's Help and Advice Manager, Nigel Hamilton, opens up about his own experience with hearing loss, shares the facts about hearing damage and speaks about our new hearing survey.

Roger Fauske heads off on a trek across frozen Norway
Roger Fauske
Help Musicians UK Fundraiser
20th March 2015

MetalTalk columnist Roger Fauske heads off on a 100km trek on skis, between Finse and Geilo, raising money for Help Musicians UK in the process. Why would anyone in their right mind embark on such a thing?

Making Music in Bangalore
Emma Sweeney
Emerging Excellence Award 2015
10th March 2015

We were able to fund Emma Sweeney's trip to the world famous Subramaniam Academy to study and develop as an artist which will culminate in a new album when she returns to the UK. 

Take a look at her video diary to see how she's getting on.

Ask the questions that you have always wanted to ask – the good, the bad and the ugly
Incorporated Society of Musicians
6th March 2015

Find out more about ISM's Make Music Work on Tuesday 31 March. 

Drilling Down On Data – Your Future in Your Hands
Graham Ball
Senior Lecturer, MA Music Business Management, University of Westminster
2nd March 2015

Head of Music Tank's "Moneyballing Music", MA Music Management Lecturer Graham Ball looks at what data you should be monitering and why. 

Fit to Play: Top tips for instrumental musicians
British Association of Performing Arts Medicine
26th February 2015

To mark RSI Awareness Week, our partners at BAPAM share essential tips on how to avoid repetitive strain injury. 

All that glitters ain’t paid much gold anymore
Charlotte Browne
20th February 2015

Find out about BASCA's "The Day The Music Died" campaign.

7 things you need to know about tinnitus
Emily Broomhead
British Tinnitus Association
2nd February 2015

British Tinnitus Association's Emily Broomhead on what you should know about tinnitus this Tinnitus Awareness Week. 

Introducing: The Sundowners
The Sundowners
30th January 2015

The Sundowners head off on tour in just over a week, supported by Merseyside Arts Foundation, one of our new artist development partners. We caught up with Niamh from the band to chat about the upcoming tour, and how important it is that new artists are supported.

Unlocking the Music Matrix
Julia - Somerset Close
Emerging Excellence Award 2012
21st January 2015

Julia aka Somerset Close tells us about her experience at the Songwriting Academy, working with multi-platinum selling Songwriter and Record Producer Martin Sutton

Stretch Trio – Antithesis
Andy French
Stretch Trio
19th December 2014

Get to know Peter Whittingham Jazz Award winners Stretch Trio

Talent Programme Manager Tim Foxon rounds up a busy year for the team, and looks ahead to 2015
Tim Foxon
Talent Programme Manager
19th December 2014

A look back over 2014.

Music, Movies and Drama Week At Park House Hotel
Jane Simpson
18th December 2014

Artist Jane Simpson joined her friend Roger, a musician we help, on his visit to Park House Hotel. Each year, our Help and Advice team arrange for some of the musicians we support and their carers or companions to spend a few days at Park House Hotel with performances from our emerging artists. 

EFC Volunteer of The Year on why he gives his time to visit musicians
Robert Wright
Volunteer Visitor
16th December 2014

EFC Volunteer of The Year Robert Wright tells us why he's decided to give his time to visit musicians. 

10 days in Minnesota: folk music in freezing temperatures
Jen Green
Emerging Excellence artist and freelance orchestrator
21st November 2014

Emerging Excellence Jen Green on taking "Van Winkle – a folk musical", to Minnesota. 

What's the deal with streaming?
17th November 2014

We speak to musicians and industry professionals to get their views on the controversial topic of streaming. 

Philanthropy in the 21st Century? It’s about time!
Suzi Williams
14th November 2014

BT Global brand manager and newly appointed Trustee, Suzi Williams shares her thoughts on modern day philanthropy and explains why she's getting behind Help Musicians UK.

10 Tips for dealing with Performance Anxiety
Dr Carol Chapman
Counselling Psychologist and Performance Coach
5th November 2014

74% of musicians we spoke to said they suffered performance anxiety and 56% said they suffered from this on a regular basis.

This National Stress Awareness Day, we want to recognise the stresses that being a professional musician can bring and help you to manage them.

We spoke to BAPAM’s Dr Carol Chapman’s about how to stay on top of your performance anxiety.

Emerging Excellence artist Kelly Oliver on launching her debut album
Kelly Oliver
Emerging Excellence Award 2014
28th October 2014

Emerging Excellence artist Kelly Oliver tells us how she's been using the funding from her Emerging Excellence award and what it takes to get started. 

An army of voices
Cheryl Frances-Hoad
20th October 2014

Award-winning composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad talks about the inspiration behind this year's Festival of Saint Cecilia anthem. 

From Hospital to Festival
Phil Meadows
Peter Whittingham Jazz Award 2013
10th October 2014

Peter Whittingham 2013 award holder Phil Meadows tells us all about the award and his plans for the future.

The indefatigable device known as Perhaps Contraption
Christo Squier
Perhaps Contraption, Emerging Excellence Award 2013
8th October 2014

Emerging Excellence artists Perhaps Contraption fill us in on what they've been getting up to since winning the award back in 2013. 

A Short Essay on the Process of Making Our Debut Album
Emily Jacobs
One half of Emerging Excellence duo Labyrinth Ear
30th September 2014

Emily Jacobs, one half of Emerging Excellence duo Labyrinth Ear, talks us through the experience of creating their debut album The Orchid Room - including a handpicked playlist of tracks that inspired the process.

Swansong at Bannockburn
Fiona Thompson
Freelance Writer
25th September 2014

Freelance writer Fiona Thompson wrote an article about folk artist Sheila Thompson for our Autumn 2014 Magazine. She went to see Sheila perform in Stirling in the midst of the Scottish referendum and reflects on her visit.

Help Musicians UK Kilimanjaro trip 3- 13 August - Preparation
Gerald Finley
23rd September 2014

Acclaimed baritone Gerald Finley took time out of his busy schedule to raise money for Help Musicians UK by climbing Kilimanjaro with his two sons this August. Read his diary for a day by day account of his epic adventure.

Jackie Morris: Painting Music
Jackie Morris
11th September 2014

Each year, the artist Jackie Morris designs an exclusive Christmas card for Help Musicians UK. Read her blog to find how these designs have evolved over time, and why Jackie loves being involved with charity.

Why fundraise for Help Musicians UK?
Jenny Argent
27th August 2014

We helped Jenny in 2013 when an accident stopped her from playing the flute. She's now back to performing and tells us why she wanted to raise money for Help Musicians UK.

Why I'm raising money for Help Musicians UK
Joe Painter
Run to the Beat Team
20th August 2014

Joe Painter is part of our Run to the Beat team and he tells us why he's running 10k to raise money for musicians. 

Hanging up the concert dress and donning a track suit...
Soraya Mafi
Run to the Beat Team
6th August 2014

Sybil Tutton and Maggie Teyte award holder Soraya Mafi is running 10km this September to raise money for musicians! 

Find out more...

Are you covered? 5 things you need to know about insuring yourself and your band
Steven Howell
Music Insurance Broker
14th July 2014

Steven Howell of Music Insurance shares his expert advice through five quick tips and jargon-busting insights into getting the most out of your insurance. 

MusicTank - Performance And The Public Purse
Jonathan Robinson
Programme Director, Music Tank
17th June 2014

MusicTank's Programme Director Jonathan Robinson discusses the future of music theatre performance in light of the impending High Court Ruling on the five musicians involved in the National Theatre's performance of War Horse. 

Adult Learner's Week - Jonathan Price: Cellist turned landscape gardener
Jonathan Price
Former Principal Cellist of Manchester Camerata
13th June 2014

In celebration of Adult Learner's week, Jonathan Price tells us how we helped him with his decision to retrain as a landscape gardener after focal dystonia meant an end to his career as Principal Cellist for the Manchester Camerata. 

ISM - We cannot remain silent about the value of music
Deborah Annetts
CEO of the Incorporated Society of Musicians
9th June 2014

CEO of ISM, Deborah Annetts, discusses the National Plan for Education in light of the recent cuts to music education proposed by the government. 

Behind the music
Chris Sheehan
Director at Karousel Music
3rd June 2014

Karousel Music's Chris Sheehan tells us about his experience as a musician and why he's supporting Help Musicians UK.

Top Tips for funding applications
Tim Foxon
Talent Programme Manager
30th May 2014

Talent Programme Manager Tim Foxon shares his insider knowledge on how to apply for funding.

Play Nicely
Martin Sutton
Multi-platinum selling Songwriter and Record Producer
21st May 2014

Multi-platinum selling Songwriter and Record Producer Martin Sutton is becoming a regular contributor to the Help Musicians UK blog. Read his advice on collaborative songwriting and check out his last blog, Desire

Psychological Self-care
Dr Carol Chapman
Counselling Psychologist and Performance Coach
14th May 2014

Dr Carol Chapman is a Counselling Psychologist, Performance Coach and a Performing Arts Medicine Health practitioner at BAPAM. She has been helping musicians, actors, dancers, artists and other performing artists to identify, understand and overcome their problems and fulfil their potential. 

She shares her practical tips on how to keep on top of your mental health.

In work and struggling – financial help for working households
Karen Holmes
Senior Welfare Benefits Specialist at Turn2us
6th May 2014

It's Benefits Aware month and Turn 2 Us have all the information to make sure you are getting all the support you need. 

PORTS (formerly known as Little Bear)
Emerging Excellence Award 2014
2nd May 2014

Fresh from receiving their Emerging Excellence Award, PORTS tell us what they've been up to and what it's like to apply for a Help Musicians UK award

Fundraise for Help Musicians UK
Charlotte Biddle
Fundraising Assistant
24th April 2014

Fundraising Assistant Charlotte Biddle tells us what's been happening in the Fundraising Team since she joined us in January. 

Changing guard at Buckingham Palace - Christopher Robin nowhere in sight!
David Sulkin OBE
Executive Director
26th March 2014

Executive Director, David Sulkin, on receiving his OBE at Buckingham Palace on 21 March 2014. 

Martin Sutton
Multi-platinum selling Songwriter and Record Producer
19th March 2014

Martin has been in the music business for twenty years as a songwriter, producer, session musician and mixer. He's sold over seven million records worldwide for artists including Celine Dion, The Backstreet Boys, LeAnn Rimes, Olivia Newton John, Mike & The Mechanics, K-pop boy band Super Junior, Lena Meyer-Landrut and a quite a few pop idol winners around the world. He's written with Gary Barlow, Pixie Lott, Duncan James, Mike Rutherford and many of the world's best songwriters.

He shares his expertise on what it takes to succeed in the industry.

Bidding Farewell to Help Musicians UK
Mayuko Tanno
Communications Assistant
7th March 2014

Outgoing Communications Assistant Mayuko Tanno writes about her year at Help Musicians UK. ­

Raymond Banning Remembered
Lorraine Womack-Banning
5th March 2014

We helped Lorraine's husband, Raymond, when he was diagnosed with Pick's Disease (a rapidly progressing form of Dementia). To mark Dementia UK's Time for a Cuppa week, we're sharing her story and remembering Raymond's wonderful musical legacy. 

Emerging Excellence Award winner Jen Green on working on ‘I Can’t Sing! The X-Factor Musical’
Jen Green
Emerging Excellence artist and freelance orchestrator
28th February 2014

Emerging Excellence artist Jen Green tells us what life is like as ana orchestrator on the West End.

Help Musicians UK
Ros Hawley
Music for Health Training Officer at the Royal Northern College of Music
14th February 2014

Find out how we were able to help Ros's husband through a crisis. 

Exciting times ahead
Ollie Howell
Peter Whittingham Jazz Development Award
3rd February 2014

After receiving the Peter Whittingham Jazz Development Award in 2012, drummer Ollie Howell tells us why 2014 is set to be a great year.

Talent Programme Manager Tim Foxon on the exciting new developments for the Talent Team
Tim Foxon
Talent Programme Manager
27th January 2014

It’s a busy time of year for the Help Musicians UK Talent Programme Team. Along with the excitement of launching our new name and brand, we’ve been working our way through a record number of applications to our Emerging Excellence Awards and re-launching our Music Student Health Scheme.

Executive Director David Sulkin on the launch of Help Musicians UK
David Sulkin OBE
Executive Director
13th January 2014

David reflects on our achievements as the Musicians Benevolent Fund and looks forward to our future as Help Musicians UK.