Sans Soucis -
Help Musicians
Help Musicians
26th July 2021

Sans Soucis tells us about her journey of moving from Italy to London at age 19, the beginning of her career as a producer when receiving the Help Musicians MOBO Fund and what it meant to have the support from our creative team at a time when such a big part of who she is was taken away.

Evocation, Painting in Words and Music
Sam Moore
Flamenco Guitarist
19th July 2018

Hear from flamenco guitarist Samuel Moore on how a Career Development Bursary from us helped him with an important project in his music career. 

The quiet music of gently falling snow
Jackie Morris
22nd October 2015

Artist Jackie Morris shares her thoughts and reflections behind her stunning Christmas cards and calendar.

The indefatigable device known as Perhaps Contraption
Christo Squier
Perhaps Contraption, Emerging Excellence Award 2013
8th October 2014

Emerging Excellence artists Perhaps Contraption fill us in on what they've been getting up to since winning the award back in 2013.